Giant Green Olives


It was a strange week I had from two Fridays before to Sunday. A whole string of bad luck and unfortunate events. And for all that I fretted, cussed, whined and cried over, I was too busy attempting to right the wrongs and set my life back on the stable path that I didn’t have time to post or cook. In my geek online social life, I wasn’t too tweet/Facebook-sociable either (my apologies!). There was just too many upsetting things popping up like weeds in a garden: lost wallet, food poisoning, being cashless, bank drama, etc. …

In the mean time, I returned to being the snack-myster. Surviving on snacks and oddly put-together meals. Quite thankful I met up with Catty & Su-yin for Korean bbq dinner on Wednesday to soothe my nerves, followed by izakaya with my mates on Thursday. A cold beer after a long day. There’s just nothing quite like that put-your-feet-up and let-out-a-real-loud-AH!-after-the-first-gulp-of-beer feeling.


I woke up on Monday feeling miles better. Body sore like I’d run from here to another continent. The week had taken that much out of me. But it was sunny and full of spring promise. At the moment, I’m seeing the grey, the wet and the windy returning to London from my bedroom window so I suppose the shite weather’s just a real tease. I’m feeling the total opposite though. The grey and the depressed should be nearly out of my system by now. I admit I’m currently dealing with the post-drama (kinda like car accident paperwork that sorta thing) and the mundane housekeeping we all have to deal with.

Nevertheless, it’s Easter break. Three cheers to that.

And until my next post (I really have to sort out my house because the clutter and dirt just keep re-appearing. I suspect sabotage), here’s a couple of pictures to keep you company. Some yum giant olives from Whole Foods.

Whole Foods is cream cheese frosting to my cupcake. Gotta love it.

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