Zilla x FineGrain : Giveaway

We’re happy to collaborate with FineGrain to let you win two minimalist wood stands for iPad/iPhone: Coburns and Coburn Junior. Designed and handcrafted in the heart of the Rocky Mountains from strong and exotic hardwoods, they will greatly compliment the refined feel of your Apple device, and also come with a natural wool felt packaging that can be used as a hook for a keychain. The contest starts now and ends on April 13th at midnight PST.

FineGrain Coburn Giveaway 1 500x416 Zilla x FineGrain : Giveaway

Here are the 4 simple steps to follow in order to enter the contest:

  1. Like Zilla on Facebook
  2. Like FineGrain on Facebook
  3. Share this post on Facebook or Twitter
  4. Answer the following question in the comment box below: what other products should FineGrain make?

Try your luck and enjoy!

Update: congratulations to Rahul Surve and Zach Brown for winning the giveaway! And thanks to everyone for your participation, another one will begin shortly.

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  • Rahul Surve

    FineGrain should make an iPhone case or iPhone bumper case out of wood.. May be a bumper that is held together with magnets like the Coburns for the iPad.

    • Ludovic Barrois

      Hey Rahul, please get in touch with us on Facebook or by email (contact@zillamag.com).

      • Rahul Surve

        Hey thanks Ludovic. I have replied to the email address. Thank you guys for appreciating my comment.

  • Paul-marie Oliva

    Hey guys !
    FineGrain should make a wooden case or bumper for iPhone or Samsung Galaxy,
    or any accessory made from wood for iPhone as Dock or Headphones :)

  • http://www.androidking.it/site/ Marius Vilcu

    They have some beautiful accessories, but there is nothing for Android phones, at least for the most popular ones.

  • Gregory Rosenhan

    Make leather and felt messenger bags! They would look so awesome.

  • Zach Nathan

    You guys should definitely make a small wooden bluetooth speaker, as well as as a slim case for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. @gregoryrosenhan:disqus’s idea is also great, something robust and classy with tan leather and grey felt. I’d definitely buy those.

    • Ludovic Barrois

      Hey Zach, please get in touch with us on Facebook or by email (contact@zillamag.com).

      • Zach Nathan

        Hey Zilla, thanks for the reply to the comment. I’ve emailed you guys, just so you know.

  • erea77

    Hey guys, Eric here from FineGrain. Really great ideas so far. Some of you will be pleasantly surprised with our upcoming products. Keep the ideas coming!