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Summer Barcelona Tilt-Shift by Pau Garcia Laita

A very nice time-lapse piece named “Summer Barcelona” directed by Spanish freelance filmmaker Pau García Laita. It takes us on a day-long journey in the summer life of Barcelona in tilt-shift, a photography technique that simulates (…)

The City of Samba Tilt Shift

“The City of Samba” is a very nice video made by Sao Paulo-based film director Jarbas Agnelli in collaboration with tilt shift specialist Keith Loutit. Shot during the 2011 Rio Carnival, it turns the (…)

Lake Tahoe Timelapse by Shortt and Epic

A beautiful time-lapse by Canadian production studio Shortt and Epic filmed at Lake Tahoe, California, during the month November under the music of If These Trees Could Talk - Deus Ex Machina. It is simply magical, and (…)

The Village by Pedro Sousa

A well executed tilt-shift / time-lapse by Portuguese video editor Pedro Sousa, in collaboration with Lisbon-based Bold Creative Studio. Entitled “The Village”, this sequence takes us on a tour above a small countryside village, (…)