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Comic Book Illustrations vs Reality by Gaikuo-Captain

In this series of illustrations/photos by Gaikuo-Captain, a Chinese chemical engineer student based in Beijing, popular comic book superheroes (Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Supergirl), anime (Wreck-it Ralph) and manga (One Piece, Pokemon) characters (…)

Marvel Tribute by BlackMeal

French production studio BlackMeal created this wonderful animation as a tribute to Marvel Comics, which has created most of the superheroes that we know nowadays and this since 1939. If you liked this, you will (…)

Justice League of America by Aslan-Sebastian Malik

German illustrator and graphic/motion designer Aslan-Sebastian Malik created this cool series of illustrations entitled “Justice League of America” in which he defaced US dollar bills to transform past presidents into superheroes. Andrew Jackson as Wonder Woman, Benjamin (…)

Splattered Superheroes by Arian Noveir

An original series of superheroes abstract portraits by French designer and illustrator Arian Noveir. These portraits were digitally-produced  using vector stencils combined with paint splashes on Photoshop. The results are excellent, which explains why the artist (…)

Dreams of Flying by Jan von Holleben

Jan Von Holleben is a 34-year old German photographer renowned worldwide for his poetic and magical works. His series entitled “Dreams of Flying”  draws inspiration from classic childhood books, as well as modern superheroes. It (…)