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DeLorean NYC Taxi

A clever PR stunt envisioned by art director Mike Lubrano who got the idea to convert the famous DeLorean DMC-12 from “Back to the Future” into a classic New York yellow cab. The goal would be (…)

Nooka Zex Watch

Nooka recently introduced its latest and largest model, the Zex, an oversized (53mm) stainless steel watch featuring their popular analogue doted face, the Zirk. With a distinctive hexagonal design made of mineral crystal, it is (…)

Nooka Zub Zan 40 Watch

Unlike Nooka‘s other watches, the Zan offers a traditional display but innovates with its new strap system. The watch is to be complemented with interchangeable Zub 40 bands, allowing the user to personalize the (…)

Nooka Clock App

Nooka presents a graphical representation of time that transcends the linguistics and math that make telling time—creating a truly intuitive experience to tell time, set alarms, and visualise world-time/timezones”. The application has four features: (…)

Nooka Zizm Watch

“The Zizm’s unique faceted crystal lens produces a refracted view of time on the ZenH display. This faceted surface creates a pattern that continues throughout the entire design of the timepiece including Nooka’s first (…)

Augmented Reality Accessorizer by Nooka

A conceptual ad campaign by norweigan art director Arild Orholm, and copywriter Naari Edinger, which combines traditional print ads with augmented reality technology for nooka watches. It allows consumers to virtually try on Nooka watches through (…)