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BAT Levitating Wireless Computer Mouse

Russian designer Vadim Kibardin (see also White and White Clock) recently introduced a very interesting product: the BAT, a levitating wireless computer mouse. It consists of a base pad combined with a mouse equipped (…)

Logitech Cube Mouse

The Logitech Cube is a small grab-and-go mouse with a unique design which also becomes a PowerPoint clicker when in the air. In mouse mode, it scrolls with the swipe of a finger along the (…)

Glass Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse

The Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mice could be the next generation of computer peripherals. These elegant devices are made of quality tempered glass, a solid metal base, cameras placed beneath the glass and infrared LEDs at (…)

Orime Mouse by Elecom

Designed by Japanese studio¬†Nendo for Asian hardware company Elecom, the Orime (“fold” in Japanese) mouse has a faceted surface with no curves. With its very intriguing and unconventional design, it features 3 standard (…)

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

This is probably the first time that we are impressed by a Microsoft product: the Arc Touch Mouse is 15mm (0.60″) thick and is made of flexible silicon permitting it to flatten for transport. It (…)