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Floating Cars by Renaud Marion

A cool series entitled “Air Drive” by French photographer Renaud Marion who captured scenes with classic automobiles and gave them a fresh wheelless look just like in The Jetsons. An original reminder of how people (…)

The Best 2013 Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl remains a reference in terms of advertising, and with budgets topping 4 million dollars for 30 seconds, it’s no wonder why we get such good material. Here is a selection of our (…)

Forza Horizon in the Streets of Toronto

A well thought ambient ad by Canadian advertising agency McLaren McCann who brought the excitement of the famous racing game franchise into the streets of Toronto (see also Audi Slot Car Test Track). With (…)

Mercedes Ener-G-Force Concept

As part of the Los Angeles Design Challenge 2012, Mercedes introduced the Ener-G-Force concept as “highway patrol vehicle of 2025″. This zero emission fuel cell concept would provide an autonomy of 500 miles (800km) and eccentric features such as a 360-degree (…)

Mercedes 300 SL Concepts by Slimane Toubal

Shanghai-based automotive designer Slimane Toubal brings us a modern interpretation of one of the most beautiful cars in automotive design: the Mercedes 300 SL. “The 300 SL Gullwing is one of my favorite car, I didn’t (…)

Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe

Leaked ahead of the Beijing auto show, the Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe is a preview of what the next CLA could look like. It should share the same engine as the new A-Class, a 2.0-liter turbo (…)

Mercedes-Benz Etoiles by H5

A superb commercial entitled “Étoiles” (stars) by French collective H5 made for Mercedes-Benz France. Directed by Ludovic Houplain, this film takes the viewer on an emotional and sensational journey with a soundtrack entitled “Road Game” by DJ (…)

Mercedes Benz Invisible Car

An excellent PR stunt by Mercedes-Benz who created an invisible car using mats of LEDs and a Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera. The video shot by the camera on one side is displayed in real time (…)

Mercedes Benz SF1 Concept by Steel Drake

The Mercedes Benz SF1 is a supercar concept designed by Kyrgyzstan-based designer Steel Drake. The engine is located at the back of the car, and its lines which are very sharp, crystalline and mean, remind (…)

Mercedes F125 Concept Car

With this concept unveiled during the Frankfurt Motorshow, Mercedes is offering us a glimpse into the future. The F125 is a hybrid that does not uses oil, but rather hydrogen and electricity, thus offering a (…)