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Insect Water Hats by Dimitriy Reinshtein

Lights on the superb works of Israeli photographer Dimitriy Reinshtein who strategically placed drops of water on insects to create water hats, and then shot them with a macro lens. The process was not easy (…)

Amazing Macro Images of Sea Urchins

Made as part of a project called “Plankton Chronicles” started by Christian Sardet in collaboration with the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and Parafilms, this beautiful video entitled “Sea Urchins – Planktonic (…)

Starfish Macro Photographs by Alexander Semenov

After his wonderful series of underwater experiments, Russian sea biologist Alexander Semenov is back with this great series of starfish macro photographs which reveal the vibrant colours, details and textures of aquatic life. Enjoy! ((…)

Soap Films by Jane Thomas

An ongoing series of photographs entitled “Soap Films” made with soap and water by Scotland-based artist Jane Thomas. With the help of a macro lens, she captures slim films of liquid in a 18mm circle frame (…)

Macro Photographs by Lee Peiling

A surreal series of macro photographs entitled “Small Small World” by Malaysian photographer Lee Peiling who is currently based in Tanzania. Believe it or not, she started photography three years ago and mastered the Bokeh (…)

Your Beautiful Eyes by Suren Manvelyan

Suren Manvelyan is an Armenian scientific researcher at the Institute for Physical Research of National Academy of Sciences in Yerevan, Armenia. He became a professional photographer 5 years ago and is involved in nearly all fields (…)

Macro Portraits by Thomas Shahan

An incredible series of macro portraits by American photographer Thomas Shahan, who is currently based in Oklahoma. He uses reverse mounted prime lenses to photograph bugs, and requires an incredibly large amount of tries and (…)

iPhone SLR Mount

We have already talked about Red Pop or the Leica i9, but today we are taking the iPhone camera onto a whole other level with the  iPhone SLR mount. It is a (…)