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Hyperrealistic Sculptures by Ron Mueck

Lights on the incredible works of highly acclaimed Australian artist Ron Mueck who specializes in hyperrealistic sculptures. Using his experience acquired as a photo-realistic props and animatronics maker for the advertising industry, he creates meticulously detailed (…)

Bodybuilders World by Kurt Stallaert

A captivating series of photographs entitled “Bodybuilder’s World” by Belgian artist Kurt Stallaert who unveils a parallel world filled with bodybuilders, including young kids. These digitally altered photos caught our attention while disturbing us at the same (…)

Hyperrealistic Paintings by Bryan Drury

An impressive series of hyperrealistic portraits by New York-based artist Bryan Drury who received his MFA from the New York Academy of Art in 2007. He has recently completed a body of six paintings for which (…)

Under the Unminding Sky by Gregory Thielker

A series of hyperrealistic paintings entitled “Under the Unminding Sky” by American artist Gregory Thielker. “I use water on the windshield to create a shifting lens for the way we see the environment: it both (…)

Hyperrealistic Paintings by Pedro Campos

A series of hyperrealistic paintings by Spanish artist Pedro Campos who uses oil on canvas to recreate still life objects of our everyday lives. With no digitization, these impressive artworks look even better than photographs. Enjoy!(…)

Hyperrealistic Paintings by Diego Gravinese

A nice series of hyperrealistic paintings by Argentinian artist Diego Gravinese. Born in 1971 in La Plata, Argentina, Diego studied at the National School of Fine Arts “Prilidiano Pueyrredon” in Buenos Aires and quickly specialized in oil and acrylic paintings (…)

Hyperrealistic Paintings by Alyssa Monks

Alyssa Monks is an American painter born in 1977 in Ridgewood, New Jersey, who specializes in hyperrealism. She began oil painting as a child and earned her M.F.A from the New York Academy of Art (…)

Hyperrealistic paintings by Tos Kostermans

A great series of hyperrealistic paintings entitled “Bold and Beautiful” by Dutch artist Tos Kosterman, which display portraits of public figures with a touch of humour, made using oils and acrylic. You will see Jack Nicholson, (…)