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Peugeot Velocite Electric Vehicle

Based on the idea of creating a two-passenger electric vehicle that would maintain a central weight distribution, Guatemala-based industrial designer Juan Carlos Noguera created the Peugeot Vélocité, a light and efficient futuristic vehicle concept, as part of (…)

i-ROAD Personal Mobility Electric Vehicle

Likewise the Lamborghini Veneno, another very interesting vehicle was introduced during the 2013 Geneva Motorshow: the Toyota i-Road. It is a pod-like personal vehicle powered by two electric motors located in the front wheels (…)

BMW i3 Electric Coupe Concept

Introduced during the L.A. Auto Show, the BMW i3 concept is a purely electric vehicle built to meet the demands of urban commuting. “Powered by innovative eDrive technology, the coupe not only generates zero tailpipe (…)

Audi Crosslane Hybrid Coupe

A few days ago during the Paris Motor Show, German automaker Audi released their latest plug-in hybrid vehicle: the Crosslane. It is a stylish blend of coupe, convertible and crossover equipped with a hybrid (…)

Fiat 500 Tender Two by Castagna

Italian car body workshop Castagna brings us a tuned version of the popular compact car from Fiat. Inspired by the the Fiat 500 Jolly, a beach car built in the 1960′s, the Tender Two features an (…)

Frog eBike Concept

After having changed the motorcycle industry for three decades with the introduction of composite air razors in their FZ750 Rana concept, design studio Frog (also known for having designed the first Apple Macintosh computers) shares (…)

BMW e Scooter Concept

BMW continues to take on sustainability to address future customer needs in terms of individual urban mobility with the “Concept e”. It is an electric scooter with two rear cameras that display the situation on the (…)

Mission One Electric Bike by Mission Motors

Designed by FuseProject for Mission Motors, the Mission One Premier Limited Edition (PLE) is a revolution by itself in terms of electric vehicle performance. It is the fist electric superbike able to power wheelies (…)

Opel Rak e Concept Car by Kiska

Designed by Kiska for European car manufacturer Opel, the “Rak e” is a lightweight electric vehicle concept that aims to bring electric mobility to the masses. Its is entirely made of recyclable and synthetic materials, (…)

Honda Motor Compo Foldable Electric Scooter

Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, Motor Compo is a modernized version of the “Motocomp” designed and sold in the 1980s by Honda. It is a small foldable scooter made for urban commuting with a (…)