Explosion by Joschi Her­czeg and Daniele Kaehr

A series of photographs entitled “Explosion” by Joschi Her­czeg and Daniele Kaehr made using a custom-made detonator connected and synchronized to cameras in order to capture the flash moment of an explosion in motion. Enjoy!

Light Explosion by Joschi Herczeg and Daniele Kaehr 1 Explosion by Joschi Her­czeg and Daniele Kaehr

Light Explosion by Joschi Herczeg and Daniele Kaehr 2 Explosion by Joschi Her­czeg and Daniele Kaehr

Light Explosion by Joschi Herczeg and Daniele Kaehr 3 Explosion by Joschi Her­czeg and Daniele Kaehr(…)

Three Cubes Colliding by Ivan Morison and Heather Peak

“Three Cubes Colliding” is an incredible giant kite designed by Ivan Morison and Heather Peak in collaboration with Sash Reading and fabricated by Queen & Crawford. Derived from Alexander Graham Bell’s Tetrahedral kite, it features 1700 3D (…)

Winners of the 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest

The winners of the 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest were announced this week, about a month after closing entries. With over 20,000 submissions from over 130 countries, judges narrowed it down to 15 winners, including honorable mentions. (…)

Empty Memory by Logical Art

Hanhsi Chen and Yookyung Shin, two recent graduates of the Royal College of Art in the United Kingdom, created Logical Art and here is their first product: Empty Memory. It is a beautiful collection of 4GB (…)

Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee

An amazing series of sculptures made out of carved books by Montreal-based artist Guy Laramee . These landscapes symbolize the erosion of knowledge, just like mountains which flatten over time to become fields, that erases everything (…)

The Lake by Pierre Debusschere

A beautiful slow-motion short-film entitled “The Lake” by Belgian photographer/filmmaker Pierre Debusschere and produced by his studio 254Forest. Shot in Templeuve, France, it features French actress Islid le Besco in a series of poetic scenes (…)

Thumbtack Portraits by Andre Woolery

A series of portraits made using a unique combination of thumbtacks and paint by American artist Andre Woolery. These portraits of Obama, Jay-Z and Kanye West were made with over 25,000 thumbtacks. His current works (…)

Burger King Garden Grill by OutofStock

Burger King is tapping the Asian market with patio themed franchises, the BK Garden Grills, so that people can enjoy an experience rather than eat quickly and leave. Since flame grilling is often associated with (…)

MTV – Sex Is No Accident

MTV recently extended its “Sex is no accident” print ad campaign into video with a series of commercials showing absurd situations ending in sexual intercourse. The message remains the same: sex is never an accident, (…)

Lego Tattoos for Pilot Extra Fine

A very nice creative execution by Barcelona-based advertising agency Grey for Pilot in order to promote their ExtraFine pens. The concept lies in the contrast between the symbole of low resolution, Lego, and the high (…)