Breaking Bad Characters Drawn Like The Simpsons

With the recent end of Breaking Bad, what a better time to show you the “simpsonized” version of Walt, Jesse, Saul, Hank and many more characters from the show. Brussels-based illustrator Adrien Noterdaem imitated Matt (…)

Soft Light : A Lamp as Soft as a Pillow

Designed by German student Simon Frambach, Soft Light is a soft and flexible lamp made of foamed polyurethane with the shape of a calabash pumpkin. “Soft Light can be placed in unused spaces (…)

The Leica M For (RED) Designed by Jonathan Ive

Designed by Jonathan Ive (Apple‘s VP of design) in collaboration with famed designer Marc Newson, the Leica M for (RED) will be auctioned in November to raise money for The Global Fund (…)

A Lethal Lake That Turns Birds Into Stone

British photographer Nick Brandt stumbled upon a strange phenomenon while traveling in Northern Tanzania at Lake Natron. Located near the Kenyan border, this lake contains high levels of soda and salt, making it lethal to creatures. It (…)

Swing Toothpaste : Spin it to Push Toothpaste to the Top

The Swing Toothpaste is a cool packaging concept designed by 5 students (Sungmin Hong, Yubin Choi, Yun Kim, Mi Jang and Seokgyu Hwang) of Dankook University in South Korea. By adding a hole at the end (…)

The Pyramid House of Juan Carlos Ramos

Lights on this stunning house designed by Mexican architect Juan Carlos Ramos as part of an architectural competition. With its surprising pyramidal shape, the Pyramid House features 3 levels in an open space setting completed by (…)

The Mythical Toys of Andy Brown

A simple and nostalgic series of photographs entitled “Toys 1870s – 2000s” by British photographer Andy Brown who gathered and shot the most popular and affordable toys from the past two centuries. The whole (…)

A Beautiful Timelapse Created in GTA V

A beautiful time-lapse created on GTA V with the Xbox 360 by a fan from The Despicable Channel. Other than the interesting idea of taking this photographic art onto a video game, it shows (…)

GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Promotional Video: Awesome!

With this promotional video, GoPro hits a home run for its HERO3+ Black Edition: it’s awesome! The camera itself is a nice bump compared to the other models, not a huge one though. Briefly, the (…)

The Faces of Facebook : All 1.2 Billion Users On One Page

Lights on a fun interactive project named “The Faces of Facebook” created by communication technologist Natalia Rojas. She developed an app which regroups all 1.2 billion users of Facebook on one page and (…)