A Beautiful Timelapse Created in GTA V

A beautiful time-lapse created on GTA V with the Xbox 360 by a fan from The Despicable Channel. Other than the interesting idea of taking this photographic art onto a video game, it shows (…)

GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Promotional Video: Awesome!

With this promotional video, GoPro hits a home run for its HERO3+ Black Edition: it’s awesome! The camera itself is a nice bump compared to the other models, not a huge one though. Briefly, the (…)

The Faces of Facebook : All 1.2 Billion Users On One Page

Lights on a fun interactive project named “The Faces of Facebook” created by communication technologist Natalia Rojas. She developed an app which regroups all 1.2 billion users of Facebook on one page and (…)

Phonebloks Reinvents The Smartphone

Imagined by Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, Phonebloks aims to rethink the way we use electronic devices. On average, a phone lasts 2 years before it breaks or becomes obsolete, and often because of one (…)

Tile App : The World’s Largest Lost and Found

Tile is a wonderful little tracking device that can be attached, dropped or sticked onto any items you may lose in order to help you retrieve them (keys, bike, backpack, wallet, laptop, etc.). Combined with (…)

The Equus Bass 770 Muscle Car

The Equus Bass 770 is the first true luxury muscle car built in the USA. Obviously inspired by genuine 1960′s and 1970′s American muscle cars, it features their legendary power with a supercharged 640hp V8 (…)

Intricate Paper Sculptures by Rogan Brown

Rogan Brown is an Anglo-Irish artist who specializes in paper sculptures and creates very complex crafts inspired by scientific drawing and model making. “My work is an exploration and re-presentation of natural organic forms both mineral (…)

Crazy Portraits from the National Beard and Mustache Championships

Earlier this month took place a very special competition in New Orleans: the 4th Annual National Beard and Mustache Championships which involved 150 contestants from the US, Europe and Canada participating in 17 different categories. Las Vegas-based (…)

Motion Theater Branding

Lights on the superb branding work of German graphic designer Caroline Grohs for a fictitious theater named “Motion Theater” made as part of her final exam project. “The logo intertwines the dancers movements and their (…)

The Ring Clock : Time on Your Hands

Designed by Szikszai Gusztáv and introduced back in 2011 as a concept, the Ring Clock is now looking for investors on Indiegogo. With its unique and clean design, the Ring Clock simply blends a (…)