Zoo Portraits by Yago Partal

A sweet series of photo-manipulations entitled “Zoo Portraits” by Barcelona-based graphic designer Yago Partal which portrays animals in their best fitting fashion apparel. All are available in prints from $6 to $329. If (…)

5 Awesome Men’s Luxury Watches for Adventurers


If you are a Bear Grylls or Ray Mears wannabe, you will want to pay close attention to the stunning timepieces we are about to reveal as they were especially built for adventurous souls. If (…)

Puzzle Keyboard by Wan Fu Chun

The Puzzle Keyboard is a modular keyboard concept which allows the user to rearrange the keys according to its preferences for a more efficient typing and wrist relief. It was designed by Wan Fu Chun (…)

Sawyer DIY Wooden Lowrider Bicycle by Jurgen Kuipers

Conceived by Dutch designer Jurgen Kuipers, the “Sawyer” won the bicycle segment of the International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC)  in Tapei, China. It is a low-rider beach cruiser made of wooden panels that comes in (…)

The Most Expensive Apartment in the World

This luxurious penthouse is still under construction but will be available on the market in 2014 for a ridiculous price of 300 millions euros (385 million dollars), making it the most expensive apartment in the (…)

Creative Food Art by Hong Yi

Lights on this very nice series called “31 Days of Creativity with Food” by Malaysian artist Hong Yi, also known as Red, made this month and published on her Instagram page. She took on this challenge (…)

Wisteria Flowers Tunnel in Japan

Lights on this beautiful tunnel made with 20 kinds of wisteria flowers located at the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan. Straight out of a fairy tale. If you liked this, you will probably love Anna (…)

Hyperrealistic Sculptures by Ron Mueck

Lights on the incredible works of highly acclaimed Australian artist Ron Mueck who specializes in hyperrealistic sculptures. Using his experience acquired as a photo-realistic props and animatronics maker for the advertising industry, he creates meticulously detailed (…)

Marvel Tribute by BlackMeal

French production studio BlackMeal created this wonderful animation as a tribute to Marvel Comics, which has created most of the superheroes that we know nowadays and this since 1939. If you liked this, you will (…)


From the first electric guitar in the 40′s and the birth of skateboard back in the 70′s comes 40 years later a surprising merger: the SkateGuitar. Designed and handmade in Buenos Aires by artist Ezequiel (…)