Insect Water Hats by Dimitriy Reinshtein

Lights on the superb works of Israeli photographer Dimitriy Reinshtein who strategically placed drops of water on insects to create water hats, and then shot them with a macro lens. The process was not easy (…)

Cykno Vintage Style Electric Bike

Cykno is a vintage style electric bike designed by Luca Scopel in collaboration with engineer Bruno Greppi, and with the help of advertising gurus Gianpietro Vigorelli and Riccardo Lorenzini. “Cykno is an exclusive and precious (…)

Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade

Lights on the work of American painter Scott Wade who has become famous through his skills to turn dirt on car windows into art with his hand and paint brushes. Scott lives on a mile (…)

Bamboo Stationery by Yu Jian

“Empty Bamboo” is a sweet stationery set of 10 objects designed by Yu Jian. Each item features a hollowed bamboo stem combined with shiny metal parts. It would bring such a zen atmosphere and make (…)

Midnight Barcelona Time-Lapse

A very nice time-lapse entitled “Midnight Barcelona” shot by 23 years old Spanish filmmaker Pau García Laita. “A fast, modern look to the city of Barcelona, at night”. If you liked this, check out (…)

Timestack Photography by Matt Molloy

By stacking hundreds of sky photographs shot just like time-lapses over the course of three years, Canadian photographer Matt Molloy creates mind-blowing brush strokes of clouds and as the sun moves that he calls “Timestack”. Enjoy!(…)

Kempart Loft by Dethier Architectures

The Kempart Loft is a superb apartment located in Liege, Belgium, designed by architecture practice Dethier Architectures for a client fascinated by precision engineering. With a open space surface of 154 sqm (1,660 sqft), it features a (…)

The Silence of Dogs by Martin Usborne

Lights on a nice series entitled “The Silence of Dogs” by London-based artist Martin Usborne who, inspired by a childhood memory of waiting in a car, captured the fear of being alone expression of dogs(…)

Motion to Light Wakeboarding by Red Bull x Snap!

A very cool collaboration between Red Bull and Snap! Orlando which originally blends sports with art. Professional wakeboarders Mike Dowdy, Adam Errington and Dallas Friday strapped lights onto their wakeboards for light painter specialist Patrick Rochon to capture the (…)

The Most Amazing Abandoned Places in the World

In our “Amazing Places” series, we get to see many parts of the world which were deserted by mankind and where nature took over. So here is a selection of our favourite abandoned (…)