Mark Zuckerberg’s Stationery

If you are wondering what a letter from Facebook’s founder may look like, here is the answer. While employed at Facebook, American designer Ben Barry designed this beautiful personal stationery for Mark Zuckerberg. “Mark gets (…)

Hahn Superdry Commercial

A great work by Publicis Mojo for Australian beer Hahn Superdry, showing us their way of making beer. The baseline is simple: “Super goes in. Superdry taste comes out”. Directed by Tom Kuntz, the (…)

Tang Re-Branding

Who remembers Tang, that powder to pour into water to obtain “orange juice”? This dying brand recently went through a major packaging re-design in hopes of revival. With the help of Streng Design studio, and (…)

Tower House by Andersson Wise Architects

The Tower House is located in Leander, Texas, along Lake Travis and was designed by Andersson Wise architects. Built as an extension of a small limestone cabin from the 1930′s, it contains two bedrooms with (…)

Hanfree iPad Accessory

A kickstarter project created by two California-based designers, and which successfully raised $35,000 of funding last month. The purpose of the Hanfree accessory is to create a new experience for iPad users, making it either float (…)

Audi Trimaran Yacht Concept

This amazing yacht was German designer Stephanie Behringer’s graduation project, and was supervised by Audi Concept Design (see Audi Carbon Skis) in Munich. The trimaran design was chosen because of its low friction which (…)

History of the Panyee FC by TMB Bank

In order to launch its new division called “Make a Difference”, Thailand’s TMB Bank has introduced a short film to inspire people with the hope that they will themselves try to make a difference around (…)

Disappear by Fesetti Fotografie

Christiane Feser and Mara Monetti are two German photographers working under the name of Fesetti Fotografie, a studio based in Frankfurt. “Disappear” is on of their photography series, and revolves around using camouflage techniques (…)

Time is the Essence by Cold Mailman

A great music video for the song “Time is the essence” by Norwegian indie pop band Cold Mailman, taken from their latest album “Relax; the mountain will come to you”. Directed and animated by (…)

Wii U Console by Nintendo

Wii U is a new console introduced by Nintendo yesterday, which is expected to be released in 2012. The console includes a controller with a 6.2″ screen, creating a new experience for the player similar (…)