AOL New Offices by Studio O+A

Designed by architecture  studio O+A, AOL new offices are located in Palo Alto, California (like Facebook). This big move to the West reflects a major change and adaptation in corporate culture. The design (…)

Red Pop by Beep Industries

Currently pledging for funds on kickstarter, Red Pop is an accessory that adds a big red camera button to your iPhone, giving it a better camera feel. It is really simple to use: twist the (…)

Anamorphic Typography by Joseph Egan

An excellent anamorphic typographic installation by London-based graphic design student Joseph Egan from the Chelsea College of Art & Design, and inspired from the work of Felice Varini. It immerses the viewer into and (…)

Munitio 9mm Bullet Earphones

Munitio is a pioneer in the use of extreme industrial grade coatings for earphones. Their SITi (Standard Issue Titanium) earphones are the first and only in the world to integrate this special technology used by NASA, (…)

AMP Possibilities Commercial

A beautiful commercial by Banjo Advertising and directed by Tim Dyroff from Resolution studio, for Australian insurance and investment company AMP. Entitled “Possibilities”, it inspires the audience by encouraging them to make their dream (…)

Focus on Tony Riff

Tony Riff is a London-based artist who specializes in illustrations, with characters from his own imagination, and always starting out with a hand drawn image. Spotted by Itdrewitself at a Secret Wars Euro League battle, (…)

Semi-detached Houses by Metaform Architects

Located in Goeblange, Luxembourg, these two semi-detached houses were design by Metaform architects. With a project area of 3,445 sqf (320 sqm), the houses are characterized by the glass hunk on the first floor, which (…)

Hoverbike by Chris Malloy

Chris Malloy is an Australian engineer who after years of dreams and hard work has created the hoverbike, a flying motorcycle. The bike if you can call it that is 10ft long, 4.3ft wide, (…)

2unfold Laptop Bag by Hard Graft

Another beautiful leather accessory by Hard Graft (see iMac slipper), the 2unfold is a multi-use slim laptop bag made by Italian artisans. Every detail has been reinforced on the inside to handle the busiest (…)

Tactile Waveforms by Superfad

Tactile Waveforms is Süperfad’s latest short film, a company specialized in design and production. Directed by Nando Costa,  it “explores the connections between science, mathematics and music. Drawings representing a musical score are released (…)