Flying Yacht by Yelken Octuri

Designed by Yelken Octuri for Masqat Airways, this trimaran yacht can transform into an aircraft thanks to its mobile masts. The masts can be lowered horizontally while the sails retract and become wings, to finally (…)

Hedonistic Rooftop Penthouses by JDS Architects

Located in Copenhagen, these 3 penthouses were built on top of a co-owned building with the idea to create a garden for the owners to share. Copenhagen gardens usually have associated function, a model that (…)

Wood Sculptures by Cha Jong-Rye

Cha Jong-Rye is a Korean sculptor based in the province of Gyeonggi-do. She works wood in a very particular manner, layering delicate wood pieces and sanding them by hand to create surreal shapes and patterns. From (…)

Braun Chronographic Watch

We recently introduced you to the Braun x Zeon watch, and today we wanted to show you another model from the brand that is currently for sale: the Chronographic. It has a stainless steel case, (…)

Pandora Cabinets by Sander Mulder

Designed by famous studio Sander Mulder, the Pandora cabinets were inspired by an archetype of industrial design: shipping containers. The Pandora modular storage system takes the appearance of these indestructible-looking boxes, can be stacked, (…)

Chicago by Boat Time-Lapse

A beautiful time-lapse by London-based director Philip Bloom (see also 24 Hours of Neon), which takes us on a day trip to Lake Michigan and through the canals of Chicago, starting by day and ending by (…)

Nike Canteen by Uxus Design

The Nike EMEA headquarters are located in Hilversum, Netherlands, and its canteen was re-designed by Amsterdam-based studio UXUS (shorthand for You Times Us). “The objective was to create a personalized, social hub inspired by sports (…)

Focus on Yago Hortal

Yago Hortal is a 28 year-old Spanish artist born in Barcelona and based in Berlin, Germany. His works remind us of Gerhard Richter‘s smearing experimentations, but with brighter tones. The results are vivid and (…)

Impoz Speed Racer

The Impoz Speed Racer is the work of French graphic designer Benjamin Blanchard. Based on a Triumph Speed Triple, this custom motorcycle took 12 months to built in a homemade workshop, parts by parts and (…)

Water Lounge by Hoesch

The water lounge concept was designed by industrial design bureau NOA for German manufacturer Hoesch. It consists in a glass bathtub which incorporates a lounge chair. It lets “the light, water and delicate air (…)