Renault Frendzy Concept Car

Here is a sneak peak at French automaker Renault‘s Frendzy concept car. Following large investments to build electric vehicles that will hit the market in the next few years, this car showcases the technologies (…)

LDG x Hurley Phantom 4D Bike

Hurley‘s Phantom 4D has been making quite some noise lately, originally with its boardshort which features Nike’s Flywire technology as well as a biomimic waistband, but also through collaborations with Skullcandy and Nike. The (…)

Wildlife Yarn Bombing by Hot+Tea

An excellent work of art by Minneapolis-based yarn bombing artist Hot+Tea entitled Wildlife. “Using yarn and stencils as the medium, an alternate surface was created using the existing architecture within the space. Non-destructively creating a (…)

D*Face Pool Paint Attack

Orchestrated by London-based artist D*Face, the pool paint attack took about a year to organize. It involved the creation of a “spray paint skateboard interface” so that the artist could use the pool as (…)

BVA House by dmvA Architecten

Designed by dmvA Architecten, the BVA house is located in Turnhout, Belgium. The owners wanted privacy, which explains the street facade being closed by bricks while still letting the light penetrate through these bunker-like (…)

iPhone SLR Mount

We have already talked about Red Pop or the Leica i9, but today we are taking the iPhone camera onto a whole other level with the  iPhone SLR mount. It is a (…)

Nixon Chromacoat Milk Collection

The Chromacoat finish is not a new thing from Nixon as it already existed in the Sunkissed and Gunship collection. But very recently, the brand has started to sell the Milk collection, a white finish (…)

RGB by Carnovsky

RGB is the work of Milan-based duo Carnovsky founded in 1997 by Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla. “RGB designs create surfaces that mutate and interact with different chromatic stimulus”. Their technique consists in overlapping three (…)

Side-Bedside Clock

Designed in collaboration between French designer Ludovic Roth and Alexandre Dubreuil, the Side-Bedside clock is a simple but well designed and catchy home accessory. Its simple rounded shape is slightly distorted to permit it to (…)

Zeleritas Electric Concept Car by Willie Tay

The Zeleritas electric concept car by Willie Tay is a stylish single passenger roadster with a hot racing attitude. Built with a monocoque carbon fiber body and a retractable hard top made of glass, it (…)