Local Bike by FuseProject

The Local Bike is a project that has been refined for months by design studio FuseProject, known their work with Jawbone, and which was designed by Yves Behar. It follows his quest to (…)

Bodor Audio Sound System

Bodor is a new high-end brand of audio equipment founded by Ferenc Bodor, Csaba Finta and Audio-District. Their system called “Presence” was designed by Csaba Finta and Viktor Pucsek and comprises a CD player, a pre-amplifier, (…)

Wally Esence Sailing Yacht

A beautiful sailing yacht with a clean and minimalist cockpit by Italian shipyard Wally. It is 143 ft long (43.6m) with a 9700 sqf (900 sqm) sail area, and a 2,200sqf (180sqm) deck area, making it (…)

High Speed Photography by Ryan Taylor

A very nice series of high speed shots by Cedar Rapids-based photographer Ryan Taylor. The technique used is very similar to Alan Sailer‘s except that the artist focuses on rainbow-like colored liquids by mixing water and (…)

Gladiator Bike Concept by Jaewan Jeong

A pretty cool futuristic concept bike designed by Jaewan Jeong with a touch of science-fiction where bike races would include violent gladiator-like fights. It’s hard to imagine what the feeling of riding such a machine would (…)

Birch Art By Mitch McGee

Mitch McGee is an American artist based in Houston, Texas, who graduated from Baylor University in Fine Arts. His most recent project, Birch, focuses on plywood to create pop art that sits between painting and sculpture. (…)

Bondi Rooftop Penthouse by MPRDG Architects

Located in Bondi Beach, Sydney, this stunning rooftop penthouse was designed by MPRDG architects. “This new addition places a lightweight, metal-clad structure on the roof of an existing Art Deco building. The pristine white (…)

Rover Wireless Spy Tank by Brookstone

The Rover tank is a small spy video camera with a built-in microphone that can be controlled through an application from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, up to a 200-foot distance. Take pictures as proof, (…)

Igloo Hotel in Kakslauttanen

This igloo village is a very unusual but cool hotel resort located in Kakslauttanen, Finland. Other than the regular snow igloos, ice gallery and snow restaurant, 20 igloos are equipped with glass ceilings so that the guests (…)

Air Traffic Long Exposure Shots by Terence Chang

A fascinating series of long exposure photographs by Terence Chang, who took photos of air traffic in the sky near San Francisco’s airport. The technique used is similar to light painting, and the results are (…)