Water Drop Photography by Heinz Maier

This is not our first take on high speed photography (see Ryan Taylor and Alan Sailer), but it is by far the most amazing we have ever seen. Heinz Maier is a German photographer (…)

Future Proof by DMC Initiative

A beautiful video entitled “Future Proof” created by the DMC Initiative, which features 7 dancers interacting with abstract forms in an unknown world, created as a response to the 2011 A/NZ PromaxBDA Conference. An amazing and seamless (…)

Spaceport America by Foster and Partners

Spaceport America is located in the desert of New Mexico and was designed by famous design/architecture studio Foster & Partners (see also Apple Spaceship Campus) in order to host the spaceplanes of Virgin Galactic(…)

Nokia Kinetic Flexible Device

Recently unveiled during the Nokia World show in London, the Nokia Kinetic is a prototype device with an OLED display whose user interface can be controlled through twisting and flexing motions. It features carbon nanotubes in (…)

Rubiks Cube Mosaic by Pete Fecteau

“Dream Big” is an amazing project by San Francisco-based artist and designer Pete Fecteau which consists in a mosaic of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made with 4,242 Rubik’s Cubes. It took about a year to (…)

AIAIAI Headphones x Fools Gold

The TMA-1 are premium headphones designed in collaboration with several renowned DJ’s, tested in studios and on stages all over the world. This limited edition is the result of the collaboration between Danish audio design (…)

Alphabets by Bela Borsodi

Bela Borsodi was born in Vienna in 1976. After studying graphic design and fine arts, she started to work as a photographer and specialized in still life photography. She then moved to New York in (…)

Carved Pumpkins by Ray Villafane

We have waited long enough to release this topic on the right day. Here is an amazing series of carved pumpkins by food sculptor Ray Villafane, founder of Villafane studios in Arizona. The key element (…)

House Wine by Sabine Marcelis

“House Wine is an all-in-one home-brew installation which celebrates the process of wine-making by bringing it into our living space. An installation which requires nurturing and care and exists as a calming presence in the (…)

Burn – Never Extinguish

A nice promotional short film for Burn energy drinks directed by Ash Bolland and filmed in the streets of Bueno Aires. Rune Glifberg, Jonas Skrøder, Dany Hamard and Hugo Maillard go out skateboarding during a fire tornado (…)