Obscura Digital Offices by IwamotoScott

The offices of media company Obscura Digital are located in San Francisco, and were designed by IwamotoScott. The new space, a renavoted 1940s steel warehouse, has a surface of 36,000 sqf divided on three (…)

Sana Saida Surf Movie

Sana Saida is a very nice surf movie shot by Band Originale, a France-based production studio based that specializes in sports. It follows Jérome Sahyoun and Axi Muniain along the Moroccan and Northern Atlantic coasts in their (…)

Exploded Flowers by Fong Qi Wei

A beautiful series of photographs entitled “Exploded Flowers” by Chinese photographer Fong Qi Wei. Partially inspired by Todd McLellan’s disassembly series, these images show the radial symmetry of flowers, as well as all individual floral (…)

Chevy Sonic Skydiving Car

An unconventional but very nice commercial by Chevrolet who threw their new compact car, a Sonic, out of a plane, 14,000 feet above the desert of Arizona. This nicely supports their “Let’s do this” social (…)

Skatecycle FreeRider by Brooklyn Workshop

The Skatecycle was designed by Brooklyn Workshop and combines “the foot control of snowboarding, the balanced turning of skateboarding, and the nimble, undulating movements of casterboarding”. Its frame is made of aluminum and the body parts (…)

Up Wristband by Jawbone

Take 2 – The Up wellness wristband by Jawbone is finally out (see previous article) and selling for $99. As previously stated, it is a revolutionary system that combines a wristband and an (…)

Bell Fibe TV Commercial by Leo Burnett

A very nice commercial that started to air during the Toronto Film Festival in Canadian theaters for Bell‘s new IP-based television service FibeTV. The campaign was directed by Leo Burnett and the production is (…)

Prosthetic Leg Coverings by BeSpoke

BeSpoke is a San Francisco-based company that specializes in building fairings to cover prosthetic legs. Using a 3D scanning system, they capture the unique contour of the leg shape in order to recreate the body (…)

Falcon Motorcycles

Falcon Motorcycles is a California-based custom shop that was founded in 2007 by Ian Barry and Amaryllis Knight. All bikes are built around an array of 10 iconic British Motorcycle engines, with no compromise on quality. (…)

PadFoot iPad Stand

PadFoot is a small and simple stand for the iPad 2 (also exists for the iPad 1) which was created by Dutch industrial designer Michiel Cornelissen. It only weighs 10 grams and clips onto the (…)