Monster Skin Rug by Stitches and Glue

A fun home accessory created by London-based monster workshop Stitches & Glue to help you differentiate yourself from those who have a zebra, lion or bear skin rug. The monster skin rug is playful and not harmful (…)

Nissan Juke-R

We are still having a hard time with the Nissan Juke that looks like a toy for kids, but the Juke-R version is much more convincing. Nissan’s developers took the Juke chassis and packed it (…)

Crafted For Destruction x Zlatan Ibrahimovic by Nike Sportswear

Nike is releasing a special edition of its Destroyer jacket in collaboration with Swedish soccer superstar Zlatan Ibrahimović. The jacket reproduces the tattoos of the AC Milan’s striker that are stitched in black over (…)

Boca Do Lobo Design Furniture

Boca Do Lobo is a Portuguese furniture company that creates amazing design pieces handcrafted with passion by a staff of experience in order to provide a unique experience. They combine the latest technological methods with traditional (…)

2011 National Geographic Photo Contest

The 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest is still accepting entries up until November 30th. It is a worldwide contest for photographers of all skill levels that includes 3 categories: nature, people and places. So if (…)

Autodromo Motoring Watches

Autodromo is a new brand of watches that draws inspiration from the world of mid-century auto racing. “Our products have a vintage feel, alloyed with a clean, uncluttered modernist design philosophy.  Each new product is (…)

Loft in Dusseldorf by Erpicum

A stunning conversion project by architecture studio Erpicum located in Dusseldorf, Germany. The building was originally an old warehouse that miraculously avoided damages during the bombings of World War II, and has now become a large modern (…)

MTV EMA 2011 by Polynoid

A very nice visual identity work by Berlin-based production studio Polynoid for the MTV EMA 2011. The studio was constantly pushed by the people of MTV World Design Studio to make this clip as colourful as possible, (…)

T Magazine Lego Logo

T Magazine (NY Times) has gotten its logo revamped by expert Lego sculptor Sachiko Akinaga for its winter travel issue, as suggested by their managing editor George Gene Gustines. Entitled “T”, the piece draws inspiration (…)

Destroyed Houses by Marjan Teeuwen

Marjan Teeuwen is a Dutch artist who literally eviscerates abandoned buildings, breaking through walls, floors and ceilings to create massive holes while using the debris to create crammed and textured surfaces. These architectonic art installations magically (…)