Zilla x Ziiiro Watches : Giveaway

If you are into watches, you have probably already heard of Ziiiro, a cool young brand which creates watches without hands or markings, but rather changing patterns that redefine the passage of time. We’re happy to collaborate with them to let you win a Celeste Gunmetal Mono, which uses two overlapping discs creating a stylish array of blue and grey. The contest begins now and ends on december 14th.

Ziiiro Contest 1 500x405 Zilla x Ziiiro Watches : Giveaway

Here are the 3 simple steps to follow in order to enter the contest:

1. Like Zilla on Facebook
2. Like Ziiiro on Facebook
3. Share this post and answer “Which Ziiiro watch is your favourite?” in the comment box below

Try your luck and enjoy!

Update: congratulations to Johnathan B. Mailhot from Canada for winning the giveaway! And thanks to everyone for your participation, more events of the kind will come shortly!

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From around the web:

  • Jan-Hendrik Botha

    My favourite favourite Ziiiro watches? The Ziiiro Mercury range! #Best

  • Jan-Hendrik Botha

    And let’s not forget the Ziiiro Celeste. Pretty indeed…

  • Stefan Punongbayan

    Definitely my favorite Ziiiro model so far. Celeste Gunmetal Mono’s ethereally luminous overlapping discs mounted on the sleekest, most sophisticated mesh bracelet seem to tell time from the future and set new standards in timepiece design.

  • Mxm Krskr

    La celeste black. Mais la titan est vraiment chouette!!

  • Colin Boyle

    Celeste Gunmetal Mono it’s my favorite

  • Dave

    I love the ‘Ziiiro Mercury: Chrome – Magenta’! It’s very sexy:)

  • Antonio

    Ziiiro Proton

  • Haythem Ahmed

    Saturn chrome (polished)

  • Gerardo Palafox

    I like the Ziiiro Titan …blue :)

  • Paul Handy

    Ziiiro Orbit. Is by far the coolest watch out there.

  • Tim Li

    I love the Ziiiro Mercury in purple colour!

  • Grayson Arias

    The Zirro Orbit is dope

  • Aron Jones

    Definitely the Orbit watch… Wait… No, yeah the Orbit.

  • Nauris Zviedris

    Celeste Gunmetal. Beauty

  • Eda Edita Edota

    ZIIIRO Mercury black purple is soooo cool!

  • Alexander Bus

    Ziiiro Saturn Chrome is pure beauty.

  • Jonas Sikorsky

    My absolute favorite is the ZIIIRO Celeste Gunmetal – Mono. And i’d love to win this awesome piece :)

  • http://www.tattebayo.com/ Tate
  • Jose L. Mairal

    My favourite is ZIIIRO Proton

  • Mohamed Taikoo

    ZIIIRO Mercury black metal

  • Jonathan B.-Mailhot

    The ZIIIRO Saturn Chrome !

  • Rana S. Sallam

    The ZIIIRO Saturn Chrome

  • mattsh

    The ZIIIRO Saturn Chrome is a thing of beauty.

  • Keith Glant

    Ziiro mercury chrome/ocean the awesomest watch on the face of the earth

  • TsunW

    They all look good, but if I had to choose one definately the Orbit Grey-Magenta

  • Abdelrahman El-Ghamry


  • Borsch

    awesome, I want Ziiiro Saturn Chrome!

  • Rita Alarcon

    Coolness! I love the ZIIIRO ProtonTransparent

  • mike

    the black ziiiro mercury is smooth and sexy!!!

  • Guillaume L.

    Ziiiro Celeste black !

  • Ahmad Syafiq Rahmat

    ZIIIRO Saturn Chrome, so cool

  • Mina Rasi

    ZIIIRO Celeste is my favourite

  • Eduardo Soto

    Loving the ZIIIRO Celeste Gunmetal Mono! Quite amazing :D

  • Jonathan Baker

    So hard to pick just one! I really like the clean look of the Ion, but the Celeste looks amazing and the Saturn reminds me of a trilobite. If I had to pick, I would say a Black Celeste would be it.

  • Thomas Turpisz

    ZIIIRO Saturn Black!

  • cesar2santos

    My fav is Mercury Black Ocean!

  • Jacson

    ZIIIRO Celeste!

  • SophiaMY

    Ziiiro Celeste Gunmetal Mono!

  • Akhunova Ay’gul

    Ziiro Celeste Chrome and Purple!

  • Luthien Flanaghan

    My favourite is ZIIIRO Celeste Gunmetal Mono

  • Marvin

    ZIIIRO Celeste
    Gunmetal – Mono

  • Desislava Marinova

    Absolutely love ZIIIRO Gravity Snow White :)

  • Kristof Van Proeyen

    Celeste Gunmetal Mono. All the way. Every way. Any time.

  • akuadaide

    My favorite “Eclipse Grey Front” simple yet elegant.

  • Mahmoud Ezzat

    Celeste Gunmetal Mono one of the best watches I’ve ever seen, I loged into Ziiiro.com but Celeste category is the best.

  • Christy Hendrickson

    ZLLLRO Celeste Gunmetal/Mono * Awesome watch. Also love the Zillo Mercury Chrome/Ocean

  • Michele Hansell

    The Celeste Gunmetal Mono has got to one of the most attractive watches I’ve seen and is my favorite!

  • Thomas Turpisz

    Saturn Black, the nicest one ;)

  • coloramama

    Ziiiro Gravity is just fine

  • Jonathan B.-Mailhot

    Really find the ZIIIRO Saturn Chrome is the hottest model ! And gladly the girlfriend agrees ! Can’t get a watch without her aprouval right ;-)

  • Guest

    Ziiro Celeste Chrome and Purple all the way!

  • Lily

    The gravity white is my favorite. I don’t mind the eclipse black either.

  • Geomancer23

    Celeste Gunmetal Mono Watch would be the one.

  • Andres Diaz

    Celeste gunmetal for sure….

  • Leek Cat

    Celeste gunmetal :)