Zilla x MVMT Watches : Giveaway

MVMT (pronounced “movement”) is a cool young brand which strives to create quality timepieces crafted with a refined attention to detail without breaking your wallet. We’re happy to collaborate with them to let you win one of their white/tan leather watch. The giveaway begins now and ends on May 7th.

MVMT Watches Giveaway 1 500x318 Zilla x MVMT Watches : Giveaway

Here are the 4 simple steps to follow in order to participate:

1. Like Zilla on Facebook
2. Like MVMT on Facebook
3. Share this post
4. Leave a comment below to let us know which MVMT watch is your favorite

Try your luck and enjoy!

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From around the web:

  • Gregory Rosenhan

    It’s hard to say which one is my favorite. They are all so awesome, but right now I am really feeling the Black/Black. It is so sleek!

  • Gerardo Palafox

    I like the Black/Tan!!

  • Abadelrahman

    White /tan

  • Zach Nathan

    I definitely am liking the white/tan watch. It’s very clean, but also has a bit of ruggedness to it. The watch itself reminds me of an iPad Air.

  • Mark Bailey

    Love the Black/black, but the white/tan is well smart too!

  • Mohamed Hilal

    Black/Tan Leather is my fav

  • Ronald Balallo

    Black/black all the way

  • ana georgievska

    black and black metal

  • Milica Kuvalja

    I like them all, but if I have to choose it would be the black/black combo. Many thanks for this giveaway :)

  • Dragana Todoric

    Black/Black is the best

  • Ana Vukašin

    I love Black/Black Leather

  • Nikola Todorić

    Black/Black is my favourite

  • Mile Zec

    Black/Black or Black/Black Leather

  • Stoja Todorić

    Black/Black Leather is awesome

  • Samantha Tedesco

    I love the
    FB: Samantha Tedesco
    tweet: https://twitter.com/samanthatedesco/status/461195294755938304

  • Gerald Shimizu

    I’m in-to it.

  • Yannick Vandenthoren

    The BLACK/TAN LEATHER Is simply beautiful and fit perfectly with my new shoes ! :D

  • Alber Gerges

    White/Black Leather watch

  • Margaux CX

    The white/tan leather one is by far the hottest one, I’m loving it :)

  • Genelle

    Absolutely dying to sport the white/tan leather!

  • wilford raney

    I’ve been a fan and follower for quite some time and can’t wait to one day model your awesome, stylish watches!!!

  • Zach Nathan

    So…who won?

  • Guest

    Congratulations to Samantha Tedesco who won the MVMT watch !

  • Ludovic Barrois

    Congratulations to Samantha Tedesco for winning this giveaway !