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Alessian Concept Car by Ivan Venkov

Designed by Slovak designer Ivan Venkov, the Alessian 2012 concept car adresses the gap between the drastic evolution of technologies compared with the slow evolution of aesthetics in the automotive industry. The curved shapes stretch (…)

Tattooed Ferrari by Philippe Pasqua

Using a Ferrari F430, this surprising wall sculpture/relief canvas by French artist Philippe Pasqua was covered in leather to then be properly tattooed. “It is a total installation that transforms the machine into a desirable (…)

BMW e Scooter Concept

BMW continues to take on sustainability to address future customer needs in terms of individual urban mobility with the “Concept e”. It is an electric scooter with two rear cameras that display the situation on the (…)

Triumph x Barbour Speed Twin Concept

In collaboration with Triumph Motorcycles and Barbour Outdoor Clothing, British designers Roy Norton and Tom Kasher have re-envisioned the classic Bonneville after following an idea that started when both were still in university. The idea was (…)

Mission One Electric Bike by Mission Motors

Designed by FuseProject for Mission Motors, the Mission One Premier Limited Edition (PLE) is a revolution by itself in terms of electric vehicle performance. It is the fist electric superbike able to power wheelies (…)

The Bald Terrier 1200 by Deus Ex Machina

The Bald Terrier is great custom motorcycle by Deus Ex Machina Australia, which was originally a Harley Sportster 1200. It was first stripped down, then added a custom 19 and 18 inch wheel set, brake calliper and rotors, (…)

Opel Rak e Concept Car by Kiska

Designed by Kiska for European car manufacturer Opel, the “Rak e” is a lightweight electric vehicle concept that aims to bring electric mobility to the masses. Its is entirely made of recyclable and synthetic materials, (…)

Achuma by Kraus Motor

An impressive custom bike by California-based motorcycle shop Kraus Motor. Named after a cactus known for its hallucinogenic properties, it is party old Harley Davidson, partly dirt bike. It is a full-metal motorcycle with no paint, (…)

U-Wall Lizard by Zhi Min Lin

Chinese designer Zhi Min Lin present his vision of ground transportation’s future with the U-Wall Lizard. As cities become more and more crowded, available space for roads will shrink and force us to shift to three (…)

The Beluga Super Yacht by Puresang Studio

The Beluga, “Emperor of the Seven Seas”, is a super yacht concept designed by Barcelona-based studio PureSang in collaboration with Glass-Deco International. It earned the title of “Best New Super Yacht Concept” at the Monaco Boat (…)