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Facebook Phone Concept by Michal Bonikowski

After Facebook’s over-covered IPO and the rumours around a phone which followed after they hired former Apple iPhone engineers, Poland-based designer Michal Bonikowski from design studio Mindsailors imagined what this phone could look like. It would indeed feature (…)

gTar for iPhone by Incident

Developed by California-based startup Incident Technologies, gTar is a “fully digital guitar that makes it easy for anybody to play music, regardless of experience”. Thanks to an integrated dock, it uses your iPhone as well as (…)

FYLM Foldable Speaker

Designed by Munich-based studio Design Affairs, FYLM is an ingenious foldable speaker which flattens thanks to the use of a 0.25mm thick film that is light and flexible. It will fit in your pocket, (…)

Rechner Gesture-Based Calculator App

Rechner is a beautifully-designed calculator app for iPhone/iPad created by Colorado-based two-man design studio Berger & Föhr. It is the first gesture-based calculator, all basic functions can be done with a simple swipe such (…)

Ikea Uppleva Tv

Last week Ikea revealed the “Uppleva” (which translates as “Experience” in Swedish): a piece of furniture, a smart television, a DVD player and a sound system combined which aims to bring design and functionality to (…)

Sony SmartWatch

Sony recently introduced the SmartWatch, an elegant watch with a touch display working under Android. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to check your updates (text messages, email, Facebook), control your music (…)

iPhone Pro Concept by Choi Jinyoung

A very interesting iPhone concept by South Korean product designer Choi Jinyoung made especially for photographers. The iPhone Pro features a special mount to which DSLR lenses can connect, a 4.5″ screen with two side (…)

Google Project Glass

Project Glass was started by a group at Google X and aims to produce augmented reality glasses that would help us in our everyday lives when we need it and get out of our way (…)

iPhone Boom Mic

The Boom Mic for iPhone is a small microphone that gives your iPhone videos a professional sound so that your subject gets amplified while background noises become dull. It simply attaches to the headphone jack (…)

Medisana TargetScale

The Medisana TargetScale measures your weight as well as body fat, bone mass, body water, muscle mass and Body Mass Index (BMI), and allows its users to set goals while automatically identifying the person stepping (…)