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Hovding Invisible Bike Helmet

After years of study and million dollars of venture capital, design students Anna and Terese managed to create something revolutionary: an invisible bike helmet. It is to be worn around the neck, and contains an inflatable airbag (…)

Solar iPhone App by Hollr

Solar is a super sleek weather app for iPhone designed by Long Beach-based startup Hollr. “A hyper-sensorial display of the day’s weather in dazzling, haptically rendered colorscapes. A graphicist’s dream. No meteorological bells and whistles (…)

Lapka Personal Environment Monitor for iPhone

Forget about iPhone accessories that improve an already existing function of your favourite device, Lapka brings you something radically different. It bills itself as a “personal environment monitor” and will analyze your surroundings through 4 (…)

Water Light Graffiti by Antonin Fourneau

French artist Antonin Fourneau created this very interesting installation called “Water Light Graffiti” while working in-residence at the Digitalarti Artlab in Paris. The surface is a matrix made of thousands of LEDs that illuminate when in contact (…)

Paparazzo Light for iPhone

Paparazzo is an easy-to-use accessory for iPhone that gives you the power of a flash bulb to obtain the right light at the right time. Designed by Craig Monroe and John Aldrich, it was inspired (…)

Braun’s New Digital Alarm Clock

German manufacturer Braun introduces a new sleek digital alarm clock designed by Markus Orthey which makes use of modern technologies without losing the design discipline of the brand’s golden era. With its round corners and (…)

Instaglasses by Markus Gerke

The Instaglasses are an original concept by German designer Markus Gerke which would bring the filters of the famous app into the real world. “A week ago it appeared to me that with current technology (…)

Interactive Seesaw by Eness

A fun interactive installation named “A Tilt of Light” by Australian art and design practice Eness which can be seen on Federation Square in Melbourne until the end of July. This digital seesaw is equipped (…)

Electronic Padlock by Master Lock

Master Lock recently unveiled a little treasure for your locker named the 1500eDBX Electronic Padlock. Made for internal use only (as it cannot get wet), it features a directional interface allowing to personalize your code (…)

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Unveiled early last week, the Microsoft Surface is a 10.6″ tablet powered by Windows 8 which will come in two versions. The Windows RT version will be 9.3mm thin, weigh 1.5lbs, feature a unique vapor-deposited (…)