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A Brief History of Printing

3D printing is being hailed as a revolution in the printing industry with UK retailer Maplin becoming the first place to sell them to consumers. 3D printing allows you to create three-dimensional objects and has (…)

iPhone 6 Concept

A neat iPhone 6 concept by Los Angeles-based product and graphic designer Johnny Plaid. “With the release of iPhone 5, Apple made it clear that user comfort was far more important to them than (…)

The New Apple iOS 7

This week during the WWDC, Apple introduced the new iOS 7 with the first major redesign since its creation and exciting many new features such as multi-tasking and a control center. “Nothing we’ve ever created (…)

Leica X3 Monocle Camera by Vincent Sall

Lights on this incredible camera concept inspired by the monocle and vintage Leica cameras created by Swedish designer Vincent Sall. “This project is about filling the gap between big cameras with great image quality (…)

Portable Solar-Powered Window Socket

Designed by Kyuho Song and Boa Oh, the Window Socket is a nice and ingenious solar-powered device which sticks to windows and charges small electronics with a direct plug-in. The product is still in its concept (…)

Puzzle Keyboard by Wan Fu Chun

The Puzzle Keyboard is a modular keyboard concept which allows the user to rearrange the keys according to its preferences for a more efficient typing and wrist relief. It was designed by Wan Fu Chun (…)

BAT Levitating Wireless Computer Mouse

Russian designer Vadim Kibardin (see also White and White Clock) recently introduced a very interesting product: the BAT, a levitating wireless computer mouse. It consists of a base pad combined with a mouse equipped (…)

The Polaroid Instagram Camera

Originally created by Antonio De Rosa of ADR Studio as Socialmatic, this camera concept features an internal printer as well as the possibility to apply Instagram-like filters. Polaroid recently bought the rights to produce the (…)

MYO Wearable Gesture Control

MYO is a very innovative armband that uses the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control your devices. “Using groundbreaking technology, MYO is able to measure electrical activity in your muscles instantly. The result (…)

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe just released Photoshop Touch, a mobile version of the world’s most popular digital imaging software. It lets you quickly combine images, apply professional effects and share it with your friends through social networks. The (…)