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Nike Fuelband

The Nike+ Fuelband is a wristband with a built-in 3-axis accelerometer that tracks your daily activities such as steps, time and calories. It then translates your moves into a normalized score called NikeFuel that allows you (…)

Looxcie 2 Wearable Video Camera

At first glance it looks like a typical bluetooth headset, but Looxcie is actually the world’s first “wear and share” video camera. It continuously records life as you see it, also allowing you to save (…)

Beolit 12 by Bang and Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen introduces us to Beoplay, a new line of products that aims to bring contemporary design to the digital generation through simple and convenient products, starting with the Beolit 12. It is (…)

HYT H1 Hydro Mechanical Watch

The H1 by HYT Watches is the world’s first timepiece to ever combine mechanical and liquid engineering. Set to debut at the 2012 Baselworld Watch Fair in Switzerland, it features two pistons which move a green (…)

Liquipel Revolutionary Waterproof Coating

Liquipel is a revolutionary waterproof coating that applies to your electronic devices to protect them in the event of accidental exposure to liquids. It is 1000 thinner than air, hence will not compromise the look, (…)

Logitech Cube Mouse

The Logitech Cube is a small grab-and-go mouse with a unique design which also becomes a PowerPoint clicker when in the air. In mouse mode, it scrolls with the swipe of a finger along the (…)

Philips Wow Commercial

An impressive commercial produced by Onesize for creative agency Norvell Jefferson in order to promote Philips’ 21:9 3D TVs. It consists in a series of slow-motion animations that put forward the realism of the screen. Enjoy!(…)

Empty Memory by Logical Art

Hanhsi Chen and Yookyung Shin, two recent graduates of the Royal College of Art in the United Kingdom, created Logical Art and here is their first product: Empty Memory. It is a beautiful collection of 4GB (…)

Apple iPhone 4S Christmas Commercial

This year, Santa has a new assistant to help him get through his busy night. As you must have already guessed, her name is Siri. Apple is putting forward the iPhone 4S voice-controlled assistant to help (…)

Apple iCam by Antonio DeRosa

The Apple iCam is a concept by Italian designer Antonio DeRosa that would add interchangeable lenses to the iphone 5 so that we could take advantage of its large screen, fast processor and connectivity. As (…)