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iPad POS Systems – All the Right Reasons to Implement Them

If you have a small store or business you might think that it’s not worth it for you to implement an iPad POS system, as it is a seemingly expensive system. However, you should know (…)

5 Reasons Your Business Needs to Switch to Web Conferencing

When you’re running a business, making the right decisions about how to run your business effectively is not always easy. So many companies are out there competing for your business and promising to save you (…)

iPin Laser Pointer for iPhone

Lights on iPin iPin Laser Pointer for iPhone, a tiny device that turns your iPhone into a laser pointer. It was made to fit into the 3.5mm headphone mini jack, hence it is incredibly small, weighs an impressive 1 (…)

Zilla x FineGrain : Giveaway

We’re happy to collaborate with FineGrain to let you win two minimalist wood stands for iPad/iPhone: Coburns and Coburn Junior. Designed and handcrafted in the heart of the Rocky Mountains from strong and exotic (…)

Logitech PowerShell Controller and Battery for iPhone

The PowerShell Controller + Battery by Logitech opens a new world of mobile gaming for the iPhone 5/5S by adding the precision of analog controls while freeing up the touchscreen for a full view of the action. (…)

Google Launches Android Wear: an OS for Wearable Devices

Google today announced “Android Wear”, a project designed to bring the Android platform onto wearable devices, starting with watches. The idea is to bring contextual information to the user when most needed, interact with (…)

Philips Urban Beehive

Become a beekeeper with Philips‘ Urban Beehive, a concept for keeping bees at home designed to harvest honey and to observe their fascinating world. Made of two parts, an entry passage and flower pot (…)

Gaming Trends for 2014


iPhone 6 Design Predictions

Based on Apple‘s current trends, designer Heo Leo tried to predict how the next generation of iPhone will look like. Surprisingly, we do not see the Touch ID, but let’s focus on the design (…)

Good Web Design Makes Good Sense for Business

There is no question that the Internet has played a huge role in today’s global economy. With the ability to buy and sell goods from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day, (…)