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Glass Walkway on Tianmen Mountain in China

This amazing trail located at the Tianmen Mountain National Park in China offers a unique experience to tourists: walk about 4700ft (1430m) above ground on a glass walkway. Measuring 200ft (60m) long, this path is (…)

The Manta Resort Underwater Room

Located on the Eastern coast of Africa near Pemba Island, also known as “The Green Island”, the Manta Resort offers an amazing floating room submerged 13 feet (4m) below the surface of the Indian Ocean. The (…)

Cenote Angelita : A Mystical Underwater River in Mexico

Russian underwater photographer Anatoly Beloshchin captured the mystical underwater river Cenote Angelita (Little Angel) located in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Due to the waters’ different levels of salinity, it appears as if a cloud (made of hydrogen sulfate) separates the freshwater (…)

The Most Amazing Places in the World (Part 2)

And now onto the second part of our most amazing places in the world series which collects the most beautiful places that nature has to offer on earth(…)

Abandoned Star Wars Film Sets in the Tunisian Desert

Italian artist Ra Di Martino captured this great series entitled “No More Stars” of the remains of Star Wars film sets in the desert of Tunisia, showcasing Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine. “I think (…)

The Most Amazing Abandoned Places in the World

In our “Amazing Places” series, we get to see many parts of the world which were deserted by mankind and where nature took over. So here is a selection of our favourite abandoned (…)

Wisteria Flowers Tunnel in Japan

Lights on this beautiful tunnel made with 20 kinds of wisteria flowers located at the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan. Straight out of a fairy tale. If you liked this, you will probably love Anna (…)

The Most Amazing Places in the World (Part 1)

After hearing so many great comments about our “Amazing Places” series on Facebook, we’ve decided to share the world’s most amazing places with you all. So whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next travels, (…)

Finland – Land of the Midnight Sun

A sublime video named “Land of the Midnight Sun” directed by Tuukka Kovasiipi and produced by Flatlight Films for Visit Finland to promote tourism in Finland. “With stark differences between seasons, Finns are used to contrasts: (…)

ICEHOTEL Art Exhibition in Sweden

Lights on the marvellous 23rd edition of the ephemeral ICEHOTE art exhibition which was made with over 40,000 tons of ice and snow several miles above the arctic circle in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. In a unique atmosphere, about (…)