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Norway Timelapse by Stian Rekdal

A sweet compilation of time-lapses by Norwegian photographer Stian Rekdal that were shot last summer in Western Norway. The video will take you to Ålesund, Trollstigen, Geiranger, the Briksdal glacier and Urnes & Kaupang stave churches, and tempt you (…)

The City of Samba Tilt Shift

“The City of Samba” is a very nice video made by Sao Paulo-based film director Jarbas Agnelli in collaboration with tilt shift specialist Keith Loutit. Shot during the 2011 Rio Carnival, it turns the (…)

Time to Play by Binalogue

An excellent motion graphics work by Madrid-based multidisciplinary design studio Binalogue. “It had been quite a while since the last time we made a non-commercial project, and we were really craving for it. After looking at (…)

Buenos Aires Inception Park

Directed by Fernando Livschitz at Argentinian studio Black Sheep Films, this video entitled “Inception Park” takes you through the city of Buenos Aires on a roller coaster ride with invisible tracks. An incredible series of dazzling visual (…)

Live Park 4D Art Park

Created by web design company d’strict and located at the Kintex Center in South Korea, Live Park is the world’s first 4D art park. Using today’s technologies such as Kinect, RFID-enabled bracelets and data sensors, it blends (…)

LED Surfer by Jacob Sutton

London-based fashion photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton recently released this beautiful video shot in Tignes in the French Alps. It features pro snowboarder William Hughes ligthing up the snow-covered hills with a LED-covered suit made (…)

Le Meutre by Tom Haugomat and Bruno Mangyoku

After Tribute to Drive, Tom Haugomat and Bruno Mangyoku bring us the teaser of “Le Meurtre” (The Murder), an animated short film which is currently looking for funding made at French studio Cube Creative. Same distinctive (…)

Google Chrome – Away From Home

Google‘s latest commercial produced by California-based studio Süperfad under the supervision of creative agency BBH to raise awareness about the release of their popular Chrome web browser for Android. A fresh and creative animation (…)

More4 Rebrand by ManvsMachine

London-based design and motion studio ManvsMachine was commissioned by Channel 4 to create a new brand identity as well as on-air look for its little sister More4. “The re-brand is centred round a bold, (…)

Chevy Sonic x OK Go

The official music video of “Needing/Getting” from OK Go made in collaboration with Chevrolet. Over 1,000 instruments were set up over two miles of desert outside Los Angeles on which a Chevy Sonic equipped with pneumatic (…)