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Lost in the World by Kanye West and Ruth Hogben

Kanye West‘s latest music video for his single entitled “Lost in the World” made in collaboration with London-based filmmaker Ruth Hogben. “The song, which features Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, is taken from West’s (…)

MTV Sweetheart by Zeitguised

A nice Pop art-inspired animation entitled “Sweetheart” which was directed and produced by Zeitguised in collaboration with Universal Everything for MTV. It was made as part of a global brand refresh which took part (…)

YouTube Play by Johnny Kelly

A very nice stop motion video directed by Johnny Kelly to promote YouTube Play, an exhibition organized with the Guggenheim Museum of New York aiming to showcase the talents working in the realm of online video. (…)

The Boundaries of Life and Death

A nice animation entitled “The Boundaries of Life and Death” by Saskia Kretzschmann, who is currently studying at the Anhalt University of Applied Science in Germany. Based on Edgar Allan Poes’ quotation (“The Boundaries which divide life from (…)

MTV Group Hug by Sehsucht

German studio Sehsucht was commissioned by MTV International (around the world except U.S.) to create a new series of identities which started to air this week. This one entitled “Group Hug” is a cute video (…)

The Old Man and The Sea by Marcel Schindler

A nice stop-motion video by German photographer and visual artist Marcel Schindler inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s novel “The Old Man and The Sea”. Using a series of illustrations made with a black marker on large white sheets (…)

New Universal 100th Anniversary Logo

Zealand-based VFX studio Weta Digital was commissioned by Universal to create their new logo. With slightly new sounds and different graphics, the new identity celebrates the 100th anniversary of the movie studio while keeping in mind (…)

Fresh Guacamole by PES

After his famed “Western Spaghetti“, British director PES is back with another stop-motion short entitled “Fresh Guacamole”. The same recipe is applied with the use of non-food items to cook, such as grenades as (…)

The Mill Showreel 2012

Award winning VFX studio The Mill brings us its latest showreel under a track entitled “Velvet” by The Big Pink. It combines the very best works from their teams across the globe (London, Los Angeles, (…)

Rock It For Me by Caravan Palace

A very nice music video for the song “Rock It For Me” by French  electro-swing and gypsy jazz band Caravan Palace, taken from their lastest album “Panic”. The animated video takes place during the 1889 Universal Exhibition in (…)