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The Alps at Night Timelapse

An excellent collection of timelapse sequences shot at night last month by Belgian videographer Matthew Vandeputte. Using a Canon 600D, he captured the magical night skies of the French Alps from the famous Meribel ski resort. Enjoy!(…)

Coldplay – Charlie Brown

Another great music video by Coldplay for their song entitled “Charlie Brown”, an homage to the creator of Snoopy, taken from the chart-topping album Mylo Xyloto. Once again directed by Mat Whitecross, this colorful video was filmed in (…)

Red Bull Signature Series Opening Sequence by Spontaneous

Manhattan-based design and visual effects studio Spontaneous was commissioned by Red Bull to create the opening sequence of the Red Bull Signature Series, a jaw-dropping tv show that will bring 35 hours of extreme sports to NBC (…)

Yosemite HD Timelapse

A beautiful video entitled “Yosemite HD” as part of the Project Yosemite, which results from the collaboration of Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty. This collection of timelapses were all shot in the famous Yosemite National (…)

SnapRoll Media 2012 Reel

SnapRoll Media is a Nashville-based company which specializes in remotely controlled aerial camera systems. It was the first company to safely and smoohtly carry the RED One digital cinema camera , as well as the first one to (…)

Fade by Joshua VP

A beautiful short film entitled “Fade” by Joshua VP, a Minneapolis-based interactive developer with a love for filming and video editing. Shot in one week in and around Lake Powell, a reservoir on the (…)

Lost in Tokyo by Mark Bramley

A beautiful video shot in Japan by London-based photographer Mark Bramley over the course of two days. It combines over 10,000 photos in timelapses as well as few video sequences of Tokyo. The whole was (…)

Figure by Asterix and Mitte Works

Japanese collective Mitte Works introduces us to *Asterix, an experimental multimedia unit composed of three members: Meisai (Dance), Manuke (Direction) and Kenji Kariu (Sound). Their works explore the relationship between music, dance and visual image, offering us (…)

Rome – Two Against One

An impressive music video directed by Chris Milk and Anthony Francisco Schepperd for the song entitled “Two Against One” taken from the album “Rome” by Danger Mouse (Gnarls Barkley) and Daniele Luppi, featuring Jack White (White (…)

One Week in Japan by Mike Matas

A very nice video montage made by San Francisco-based photographer Mike Matas. “In November 2011 my girlfriend and I traveled to Japan, taking the train from Kyoto-Nara-Hakone-then to Tokyo. This film is made up (…)