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When Strangers Kiss for the First Time

Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva invited 20 strangers to kiss each other for the very first time. The result, a black and white video entitled “First Kiss” is breathtaking, featuring the guests standing in couples in front (…)

The Sound of Taste by Schwartz

“The Sound of Taste” is a superb audio visual installation created by advertising agency Grey London for Schwartz in order to promote its new range of Flavour Shots. Several tons of herbs and spices were set (…)

A Beautiful Timelapse Created in GTA V

A beautiful time-lapse created on GTA V with the Xbox 360 by a fan from The Despicable Channel. Other than the interesting idea of taking this photographic art onto a video game, it shows (…)

A Two-Year Journey Through the San Francisco Fog

“Adrift” is a stunning time-lapse shot over the course of two years by Simon Christen, a San Francisco-based photographer and filmmaker. It’s “a love letter to the fog of the San Francisco Bay Area” (…)

Oscillate Thesis Animation by Daniel Sierra

For his thesis done at School of Visual Arts, New York-based digital artist Daniel Sierra created this mesmerizing animation. “My goal with “Oscillate” was to visualize waveform patterns that evolve from the fundamental sine wave to (…)

Tokyo City Symphony 3D Projection

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, skyscraper Roppongi Hills created “Tokyo City Symphony“, a 3D mapping on a miniature 1/1000 scale Tokyo based on the theme “Love Tokyo”. The project aims to start a movement (…)

Midnight Barcelona Time-Lapse

A very nice time-lapse entitled “Midnight Barcelona” shot by 23 years old Spanish filmmaker Pau García Laita. “A fast, modern look to the city of Barcelona, at night”. If you liked this, check out (…)

Motion to Light Wakeboarding by Red Bull x Snap!

A very cool collaboration between Red Bull and Snap! Orlando which originally blends sports with art. Professional wakeboarders Mike Dowdy, Adam Errington and Dallas Friday strapped lights onto their wakeboards for light painter specialist Patrick Rochon to capture the (…)

Creative Stop Motion Advertisement for a Life Drawing Course

Shot and produced by Wriggles & Robbins, this commercial entitled “Life Drawing at The Book Club” creatively promotes an art class in stop-motion. “Every easel in a life drawing class captures a different (…)

Marvel Tribute by BlackMeal

French production studio BlackMeal created this wonderful animation as a tribute to Marvel Comics, which has created most of the superheroes that we know nowadays and this since 1939. If you liked this, you will (…)