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Line Illustrations by Vasilj Godzh

A series of illustrations entitled “Line” by Russian graphic designer Vasilj Godzh. Each work demonstrates a great control over these seamless lines, forming creative black and white shapes and portraits. See more about his works on (…)

Focus on Adam Martinakis

Adam Martinakis is a digital artist and interior designer born in Poland in 1972 who is currently based in Athens, Greece. He has studied at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and has been teaching (…)

Focus on Mladen Pedev

Mladen Pedev is a very talented Bulgarian graphic designer based in Vienna, Austria, who currently works as a retoucher for Staudinger + Franker while doing some side jobs as a freelance art director/photographer. He has (…)

Beibeees by Alberto Seveso

A superb small series of illustrations by self-taught Italian graphic designer/illustrator Alberto Seveso entitled “Beibeees”. The project focuses on the movements of ink underwater, and the human resemblance of the forms obtained combined with technology (…)

Illustrations by Andres Segnini

A beautiful series of digital illustration by Madrid-based art director/illustrator Andres Segnini. “For me the illustration is an exploration, it is the ability to create space out of reality and get graphic pieces with (…)

VIB Creative Branding by Coming Soon

A very nice branding work by design studio Coming Soon for VIB, a life sciences research institute based in Flanders, Belgium. “For their 15th anniversary, we did the entire event branding, for which we (…)

Poly Geometric Drawing iPad App

Poly is a creative app developed for the iPad by Seoul-based interaction designer Jean-Christophe Naour. It permits you to draw with points and turn your pictures into a geometric array of colours. “This project (…)

Focus on Kilian Eng

Kilian Eng is an illustrator/graphic designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Born in 1982, he graduated from the Konstfack University of Arts Craft & Design in 2010 with a masters in storytelling, graphic design and illustration. A (…)

The Adventures of Tintin by James Curran

An excellent non-official opening sequence for the upcoming animated film The Adventures of Tintin directed by Steven Spielberg. Created by James Curran from Slim Jim Studios, this motion work features all 24 books of the (…)

Peak Shift Paintings by James Roper

A very nice series of paintings entitled Exvoluta by Manchester-based artist James Roper. His works fuse disparate images from various sources such as comics, fashion magazines, Internet, animation and others, in order to achieve a (…)