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Illustrations by Evgeny Parfenov

Lights on Evgeny Parfenov, a Russian freelance illustrator based in Moscow with a remarkable portfolio. No wonder that his colourful works with a slight touch of socialist realism have been featured in such magazines as Wired, (…)

Illustrations by Pedro Henrique Ferreira

Here are some great illustrations by Pedro Henrique Ferreira, also known as Lambuja, an illustrator based in São Paulo, Brazil. Pedro is also a decorated sailor and draws a lot of inspiration from his girlfriend who (…)

Illustrations by Dxmiq

Dxmiq is an artist and graphic designer based in Miass, Russia, who creates original abstract illustrations. Working in both 2D and 3D environments, his illustrations play with perspective, restrained colour codes and childish shapes in (…)

AK47 Print Series by Twelve Four Haus

A nice series of prints entitled “Fixedgear Blue”, “Tintoy Super Red” and ”British Racing Green” by Lisbon-based design studio Twelve Four Haus which was founded in 2009 by Mónica Nunes and Paulo Albuquerque. They transformed killing machines (…)

3D Illustrations by Benjamin Simon

Benjamin Simon is a designer and art director with a fetish for 3D illustrations and 3D typography who is currently working at Serial Cut, a studio specializing in various areas like design, photography, 3D (…)

Illustrations by Shan Jiang

Shan Jiang is a Chinese graphic designer and illustrator born in Shanghai in 1979 who is currently working for London-based design studio I Love Dust. His works are incredibly detailed, and feature imaginary worlds with (…)

Lolli Pop by Massimo Gammacurta

A conceptual still life project entitled “Lolli Pop” made last year by New York-based photographer Massimo Gammacurta. Following a popular project which consisted in making candy numbers for Wired magazine, the artist took the (…)

Sneakercube by Pawel Nolbert

Sneakercube is a fun and innovatice project by Polish graphic designer Pawel Nolbert. “Simply, I take a sneaker that I love & I re-envision it as a cube. It’s also a creative way to represent (…)

Quasi-Objects by Lorenzo Oggiano

An interesting series of experimental visuals by Italian artist Lorenzo Oggiano made as part of an ongoing project which started in 2003. “Quasi-objects” practices organic re-design, meaning the production of non-functional organisms and ecosystems based (…)

Trun by Marco da Cunha Lopes and Waldo Lee

An nice editorial project entitled “Trun” made for Amusement, a French magazine dedicated to gaming and entertainment, by photographer Marc da Cunha Lopes and digital artist Waldo Lee. This Tron-inspired series reminds us of long (…)