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Illustrations by Diego L. Rodriguez

Lights on the works of Spanish artist Diego L. Rodriguez who studied audiovisual production and digital photography at UCM University in Madrid, but changed his career path to illustration and graphic design after a revealing experience (…)

The Hidden Horrors of Processed Foods

A very interesting project conducted by San Francisco-based artist Caren Alpert who used one of science’s most powerful tools, a scanning electron miscroscope (SEM), which uses a beam of electrons to magnify specimens up to 30,000 (…)

Digital Paintings by Alex Andreev

Saint Petersburg-based artist Alex Andreev creates incredible digital paintings at the crossroads between science fiction and dystopia. Surprisingly, these surreal works revolving around a dysfunctional and imaginary future were made under Photoshop and Corel. Beautiful (…)

Floating Ship Illustrations by Ian McQue

A very nice series of illustrations by Scottish artist Ian McQue who is currently working as a concept artist at Rockstar Games. Influenced by the shipyards he grew up alongside in the North East (…)

Mysterium Wine Bottle by Spotlight

Designed by Ion Barbu at Romanian design studio Spotlight for Jidvei, one of the most prominent wine producers in Romania, the Mysterium wine bottle is a limited series aimed at night clubs and lounge bars. “ Our (…)

Geometric Landscapes by JR Schmidt

A very nice series of illustrations entitled “Geometric Landscapes” by New York-based 3D artist and motion designer JR Schmidt. Almost all are available as mini posters (5″ x 10″) for $15 on Society6. Enjoy!(…)

Envisioning Disney Characters in Real Life

Finnish graphic designer Jirka Väätäinen combined photo compositing and digital painting to create this excellent series of “real life” versions of Disney characters. You will find Ariel and Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Belle from (…)

Serial Cut ExtraBold: More than a Book

Madrid-based design studio Serial Cut decided  to tap the limit of visual masturbation with “ExtraBold”, a compendium of all their imagery. Printed on different kinds of paper, it contains 320 pages and showcases over 150 (…)

Hand Made Vectors by Oli Ingram

A very nice work around 3D typography made with thread and pins by London-based graphic designer and illustrator Oli Ingram who enjoys combining digital with handmade techniques. “Using the word vector as a starting point (…)

Pasta La Vista Packaging by Andrew Gorkovenko

A very nice packaging design by Moscow-based advertising designer Andrew Gorkovenko made for Pasta La Vista, a brand  of handmade products “manufactured in accordance with traditional Italian recipes and using only ecologically clean products of highest (…)