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Facebook – New Look and Concept

A very nice conceptional and systematic redesign of Facebook by Australian art director and designer Fred Nerby. “I wanted to create a better understanding and relation between user and content and how such data (…)

Mighty Nuts Packaging by Maija Rozenfelde

Mighty Nuts is a very nice packaging designed by Maija Rozenfelde during her studies in communications and packaging design at the Pratt Institute in New York. Its shape and opening mechanism are abstract references to (…)

Illustrations by Andres Ariza

Lights on the fresh works of Andrés Ariza, also known as Maquinita, a young Colombian designer/illustrator who specializes in branding and character design. “Andrés Ariza is a quiet guy. He is a fan of arts, (…)

Tattoo Infographics by Paul Marcinkowski

“Tattoo Infographics” is a very nice print project made as part of a school project by Paul Marcinkowski who is currently studying at the department of graphics and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in (…)

Smirnoff Caipiroska Peelable Bottle

A sweet promotional packaging designed by JWT Brazil for the launch of the new flavors of the popular Brazilian drink Smirnoff Caipiroska. “We created bottles with the texture of the fruit for the flavors lemon, passion fruit (…)

Processing Posters by JR Schmidt

Lights on “Processing Posters”, another great series by New York-based 3D artist and motion designer JR Schimdt (see also Geometric Landscapes). “I used Processing to generate these images. The script I wrote generates gravity (…)

Illustrations by Juan Carlos Paz

Lights on the creative works of Spanish sculptor and illustrator Juan Carlos Paz, also known as Bakea. He is currently working as a freelancer in Madrid and previously worked at DDB and BBDO as an art (…)

99 Steps of Progress

A nice illustrated series entitled “99 Steps of Progress” created by Paris-based collective Maentis who parodied the famous “March of Progress”, a compressed presentation of 25 million years of human evolution, into various themed situations. For a (…)

Fashion Illustrations by Ignasi Monreal

Lights on Ignasi Monreal, a young Spanish illustrator and graphic designer born in Barcelona who is currently based in Madrid, and who specializes in fashion illustrations. His works have been published in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar (…)

Realistic Popeye by Lee Romao

A very nice 3D rendering of Popeye by Vancouver-based artist Lee Romao who created a more realistic version of the iconic cartoon character. He is manlier, more ripped, and rawer with lots of tattoos (Olive’s (…)