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Predators Illustrations

A nice series of animal illustrations of a bear, a lion, a fox and an owl entitled “Predators” by Russian graphic designer Maxim Shkret. An interesting approach to give a 3D paper-like rendering thanks (…)

Auto Aerobics by Chris Labrooy

Lights on a stunning series of 3D illustrations by UK-based artist Chris Labrooy who modified, stretched and interlocked classic cars to create improbable sculptures. An up-and-coming artist who recently graduated from art school and whose (…)

Minimalist Logos for Famous Brands

A nice series of famous logos revisited by StockLogos, the world’s largest identity design community, which gave them a minimalist treatment. Using simple lines as well as the brands’ colours, they managed to keep them (…)

Breaking Bad Characters Drawn Like The Simpsons

With the recent end of Breaking Bad, what a better time to show you the “simpsonized” version of Walt, Jesse, Saul, Hank and many more characters from the show. Brussels-based illustrator Adrien Noterdaem imitated Matt (…)

Motion Theater Branding

Lights on the superb branding work of German graphic designer Caroline Grohs for a fictitious theater named “Motion Theater” made as part of her final exam project. “The logo intertwines the dancers movements and their (…)

Surreal Illustrations by Tebe Interesno

Lights on the superb digital illustrations of Russian artist Tebe Interesno whose photorealistic works range from science fiction to surrealism, and seem to come right out of a dream. If you like this, check out (…)

Impossible Objects by Giuseppe Colarusso

A great series of surreal photo-manipulations entitled “Improbabilità” by Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso who created objects crossing the boundaries of reality(…)

Cool Illustrations by Uberkraaft

Lights on the cool illustrations of Matt Williams, a.k.a. Uberkraaft, a freelance illustrator, designer and creative director based  in Westcliff-on-Sea near London, England. “I’m anti-style and work across a lot of media adapting my work to (…)

The New Apple iOS 7

This week during the WWDC, Apple introduced the new iOS 7 with the first major redesign since its creation and exciting many new features such as multi-tasking and a control center. “Nothing we’ve ever created (…)

Movie Characters by Mike Mitchell

Lights on a cool series of illustrated GIFs depicting famous movie characters by Los Angeles-based artist Mike Mitchell. His pop-like works are currently on display at the Mondo Gallery in Austin. See many more on (…)