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Handpresso Auto Coffee Machine

A great device by French brand Handpresso made especially for preparing premium quality espresso in your car. The Handpresso Auto can be placed in the cup holder and is powered by the 12V cigarette lighter to provide (…)

Tentsile Tree Tents

Designed by Alex Shirley-Smith, the Tentsile tents use the principle of the hammock with an inverted pyramid shape. They use tension force rather than poles to provide more comfort and versatility while keeping you away (…)

ZEbag Wine Carrier

Originally designed in France, the ZEbag is a smart wine carrier made for people who handle wine on a daily basis. “It carries, stores, presents, holds and shows off”. Made of durable impregnated fabric, it can (…)

Biodegradable Shoes that Bloom into Flowers by OAT

OAT is a Dutch company which specializes in making sustainable shoes with seeds embedded in the tongues. Once buried in the ground, the hemp and cotton will take a couple of months to degrade while (…)

Etienne LeRoy Luxury Hookah

Etienne LeRoy is a Swiss brand that produces high-end hookahs in limited editions, blending  Eastern tradition with modern Swiss design. Only 99 pieces are produced with the same body pattern and marked with a 1/99 to (…)

Nike Flyknit Technology

Nike just introduced the Flyknit technology, a shoe fabrication process with a structure and support knitted in that considerably reduces weight while being formfitting and offering superior breathability. The structure loosens and contracts with the foot (…)

Free Key Press-to-Open Key Ring

Designed by Swedish designer Eric von Schoultz, Free Key is a “Press-To-Open Key Ring” which will pop open with a simple pinch. It features three layers with the middle one being slightly bent to act like (…)

Nooka Zub Zan 40 Watch

Unlike Nooka‘s other watches, the Zan offers a traditional display but innovates with its new strap system. The watch is to be complemented with interchangeable Zub 40 bands, allowing the user to personalize the (…)

Hipflask by Tom Cecil

A beautiful collection of flasks by London-based designer Tom Cecil. The Hipflask has a simple and angular design that will catch anyone’s eye, suit your tastes through different finishes from stainless steel to gold, (…)

Libratone Wireless Speakers

Libratone is a Copenhagen-based audio company whose sole purpose is to “liberate sound”. Their approach blends Scandinavian design, wireless technology and hi-fi quality to deliver high-end products to modern consumers. All their speakers stream audio (…)