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FYLM Foldable Speaker

Designed by Munich-based studio Design Affairs, FYLM is an ingenious foldable speaker which flattens thanks to the use of a 0.25mm thick film that is light and flexible. It will fit in your pocket, (…)

Magnetic Bike Light by Copenhagen Parts

Copenhagen Parts is a young Danish design company established in 2009 which develops products that improve the bicycle experience. Their latest product, Bike Light, answers the needs of urbanites looking for good and well designed lights (…)

Amplifiear for iPad by Nonlinear Studio

Designed by Brooklyn-based studio Nonlinear, Amplifiear is a clever sound amplification device for the iPad. It simply clips onto the back of your ipad to redirect the sound coming from the built-in speakers. It (…)

Sony SmartWatch

Sony recently introduced the SmartWatch, an elegant watch with a touch display working under Android. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to check your updates (text messages, email, Facebook), control your music (…)

Smart Dot Laser Pointer by Tangram

Smart Dot is an exciting “appcessory” developed by Tangram which combines a laser pointer and a stylus. With its incredibly small design, it plugs into the 3.5mm headphone jack of your iPhone/iPod Touch and automatically syncs with (…)

Menu Picnic Corkscrew

A smart and well designed carry-on corkscrew designed by Jakob Wagner for Menu, a rapidly growing Danish design brand. Its case is covered with soft silicone and becomes the handle so that it can (…)

Handpresso Auto Coffee Machine

A great device by French brand Handpresso made especially for preparing premium quality espresso in your car. The Handpresso Auto can be placed in the cup holder and is powered by the 12V cigarette lighter to provide (…)

Tentsile Tree Tents

Designed by Alex Shirley-Smith, the Tentsile tents use the principle of the hammock with an inverted pyramid shape. They use tension force rather than poles to provide more comfort and versatility while keeping you away (…)

ZEbag Wine Carrier

Originally designed in France, the ZEbag is a smart wine carrier made for people who handle wine on a daily basis. “It carries, stores, presents, holds and shows off”. Made of durable impregnated fabric, it can (…)

Biodegradable Shoes that Bloom into Flowers by OAT

OAT is a Dutch company which specializes in making sustainable shoes with seeds embedded in the tongues. Once buried in the ground, the hemp and cotton will take a couple of months to degrade while (…)