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The Hottest Axes on the Market

With more and more sleek designs popping-up on a regular basis, there seems to be a trend around axes and hatchets. So if your inner lumber jack surfaces and urges you to go chopping some (…)

Hovding Invisible Bike Helmet

After years of study and million dollars of venture capital, design students Anna and Terese managed to create something revolutionary: an invisible bike helmet. It is to be worn around the neck, and contains an inflatable airbag (…)

Slim – The Thinnest Wallet Ever

Slim is a super thin (3mm or 0.12 inches) elastic wallet designed by Aaron Melander and Erik Melander at Supr, a studio dedicated to creating goods that help people live more simply. “Slim is designed for the person (…)

Diamond Tears Edge Headphones by Monster

“Multi-talented engineer, songwriter, producer and actor JYP in collaboration with the technology experts at Monster, has created a headphone that’s world-class in both sound and design. Diamond Tears by Monster are high-definition on-ear headphones that (…)

Sealed Watch by Be Optimistic and Thankful

Leo Chiu and Siu Man from Be Optimistic an Thankful got the brilliant idea to create watches with a face made of wax. The buyer chooses the desired pattern (hyphen or number) that is then sealed (…)

Cognac Alto Chukka Boots by Del Toro

Italian shoe brand Del Toro presents the Cognac Suede Alto, a very nice chukka boot featuring a smooth suede upper, a leather-lined interior, a contrasting red suede heel tab, as well as navy Margom sole (…)

Take Time Pocket Watch by Lexon

With his new design for Lexon, French designer Mathieu Lehanneur reinvents an old classic for the Instagram generation. Take Time turns the pocket watch into a “contemporary unisex, watertight and compact archetype” blending 3 concepts (…)

Electronic Padlock by Master Lock

Master Lock recently unveiled a little treasure for your locker named the 1500eDBX Electronic Padlock. Made for internal use only (as it cannot get wet), it features a directional interface allowing to personalize your code (…)

TakTik Premium Protection Case for iPhone

After disrupting the market and finding a whole new purpose for the iPod Nano with TikTok and LunaTik, Chicago-based designer Scott Wilson brings us TakTik, a premium protection case for iPhone built for the (…)

Fingerprints by Kevin Van Aelst

A nice series of artworks by Connecticut-based artist Kevin Van Aelst who recreated his fingerprints using various common objects such as mustard, cassette tape, yard and more. “This work is about creating order where we (…)