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Alessi Sushi Lighter

“Sushi” is a stunning lighter designed by Rodrigo Torres for Alessi. “Sleek, simple and fluid shapes, characterize an object full of collective-memory, comfort and beauty. Its body, colors and material combinations emphasize its domestic (…)

Nike Air Max Packaging by Scholz and Friends

Nike recently consulted Berlin-based creative agency Scholz & Friends to come up with an innovative idea for the famous Nike Air Max. It resulted in an ingenious and super fun cushion packaging that perfectly highlights (…)

Squale Luxury Diving Watches

Squale was founded by the Von Buren family and has a long and illustrious history of watchmaking. A love of diving led Charles Von Buren to begin constructing professional diving watches from the early 1950’s. (…)

Monitor Headphones by Marshall

British guitar amp manufacturer Marshall recently introduced a really nice pair of foldable headphones: the Monitor. Embossed with black vinyl leather and brass accents, it features a completely detachable double-ended coil cord with (…)

Bamboo Stationery by Yu Jian

“Empty Bamboo” is a sweet stationery set of 10 objects designed by Yu Jian. Each item features a hollowed bamboo stem combined with shiny metal parts. It would bring such a zen atmosphere and make (…)

Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

The Blue Ridge camping hammock by Lawson Hammock was designed specifically for backpacking in hard terrain. It goes where tents cannot go and is lightweight (4.25 lbs), weather resistant, and flying insect free. It can also be (…)

5 Awesome Men’s Luxury Watches for Adventurers


If you are a Bear Grylls or Ray Mears wannabe, you will want to pay close attention to the stunning timepieces we are about to reveal as they were especially built for adventurous souls. If (…)


From the first electric guitar in the 40′s and the birth of skateboard back in the 70′s comes 40 years later a surprising merger: the SkateGuitar. Designed and handmade in Buenos Aires by artist Ezequiel (…)

Optrix XD5 Action Sports Case for iPhone 5

Optrix recently released an improved version of its action sports case for the iPhone 5. With a complete new design, the XD5 is much stronger, making your iPhone nearly indestructible, while being leaner and lighter. “If (…)

Ultralight Ski and Snowboard Carry System by Function

With a weight of 84 grams (less than your smart phone), the Ultralight Ski and Snowboard Carry System by Function helps you easily carry your winter gear as a backpack or bandolier for short hikes, side country or (…)