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Solipsist Official Trailer

In philosophy, solipsism is the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist. From that, Los Angeles-based director Andrew Huang brings us a counter hypothesis entitled “Solipsist” in which living beings are not constrained by a singular experience. It won the Special Jury (…)

SKLZ Shoot-Around Ball Return

The SKLZ Shoot-Around is a simple but smart ball return accessory thats clips onto your rim to enable solo repetitive shooting without the help of a rebounder. The ball will come back to you rapidly (…)

iWatch 2 by Antonio DeRosa

After the iCam, Italian designer Antonio DeRosa brings us a new Apple concept: the iWatch 2. Drawing inspiration from the iPod Nano and the iPhone, this concept watch would feature 32GB of memory, a face (…)

Zik Parrot Headset by Philippe Starck

Recently introduced at the CES, the Zik Parrot is a wireless headset designed by Philippe Starck. It features touch controls that allow the user to jump tracks and adjust the volume directly on the (…)

The Richard Mille RM056 Million Dollar Watch

Luxury watchmaker Richard Mille recently released the the RM056, a split seconds chronograph watch with tourbillon movement whose a case entirely made of sapphire, revealing every detail of the timepiece’s inner workings. Thanks to the precious material (…)

Z Board – The Weight-Sensing Electric Skateboard

Recently introduced at the CES in Las Vegas, the Z-Board is the world’s first electric skateboard with weight sensors. The user simply needs to lean forward onto the front footpad to accelerate, and backward onto (…)

Nike Fuelband

The Nike+ Fuelband is a wristband with a built-in 3-axis accelerometer that tracks your daily activities such as steps, time and calories. It then translates your moves into a normalized score called NikeFuel that allows you (…)

Scooter Backpack by Gustavo Brenck

The “Gig Pack” by Brazilian designer Gustavo Brenck is an ingenious backpack that integrates a foldable scooter. The device is made of aluminum and is attached onto a nylon backpack, while still having space (…)

Nanolet iPod Nano Wristband by Curve Creative

Nanolet is a simple and minimal iPod Nano wristband designed by Dublin-based studio Curve Creative. Available in five colours (black, white, red, blue, grey) this 3D printed band is light, flexible, and will turn (…)

Looxcie 2 Wearable Video Camera

At first glance it looks like a typical bluetooth headset, but Looxcie is actually the world’s first “wear and share” video camera. It continuously records life as you see it, also allowing you to save (…)