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Instaglasses by Markus Gerke

The Instaglasses are an original concept by German designer Markus Gerke which would bring the filters of the famous app into the real world. “A week ago it appeared to me that with current technology (…)

Interactive Seesaw by Eness

A fun interactive installation named “A Tilt of Light” by Australian art and design practice Eness which can be seen on Federation Square in Melbourne until the end of July. This digital seesaw is equipped (…)

Winners of the Wellcome Image Awards 2012

For the past twelve years, the Wellcome Image Awards have been recognizing “the creators of the most informative, striking and technically excellent images among recent acquisitions to Wellcome Images”, the world’s leading source of images of (…)

Hot Desk by Boys and Girls

After being interviewed last year by Marketing Marketing and described as having a “small and routine” reception (compared to their Lego boardroom table), Dublin-based creative agency Boys and Girls decided to radically turn things (…)

WWW Shelf by Viktor Matic

A nice reinterpretation of the shelf archetype by ex-Yugoslavia born designer Viktor Matic who recently graduated from the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano in Italy. Designed as part of his final project, “www” is a shelf with (…)

Veuve Clicquot Piano Bar by Darling and Edge

Commissioned by French champagne house Veuve Clicquot, newly formed design partnership Darling and Edge created this original piece of furniture which was launched at the Old Vic Tunnels earlier this month. “A lighthearted nod (…)

WAHH Inhalable Alcohol by Starck and Edwards

Invented by Harvard teacher David Edwards and designed by Philippe Starck, WAHH Quantum Sensations is a mini-spray that can be sprayed onto foods of all kinds. It provides a taste resembling vodka or hot peppery spice (…)

Teckell Foosball Table by Adriano Design

“Teckell” is a stunning collection of foosball tables designed by Italian studio Adriano Design for B.lab Italia. Purposely made to draw people’s attention, the popular game was turned into a refined piece of furniture (…)

Vela Cycle Trainer by Lunar

Vela is a sublime cycle trainer designed by Lunar Europe’s Munich office with home setting in mind. It discreetly incorporates pedals, handlebars, seat and integrates colour-coded light projections to guide the user and create an (…)

Caricature as Furniture by 56th Studio

A fun collection of chairs named “Caricature as Furniture” by Bangkok-based multidisciplinary studio 56th Studio, which describes its practice as “luxe-personified yet kitschy, neo-ethnic, eclectically bold and youthful”. The project began as an exploration of minimal (…)