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Tea Egg by Normann Copenhagen

Tea Egg is a functional tea infuser made of silicone designed by Made by Makers for Normann Copenhagen. “These festive tea infusers are available in six different colors which can be used to accentuate (…)

Jar Lamp by Noon Studio

A beautiful lamp with a simple and sleek design by London and Avignon-based studio Noon. Made of lathed oak, the jar lamp feature a rotating lid which acts as a switch to control the (…)

Tenga 3D Self-Pleasure Device

Tenga 3D” is a line of self-pleasure devices designed for men with aesthetics in mind. With a look resembling artistic sculptures, their external design is actually the internal details, hence it can be easily washed. (…)

Cork Furniture by TwoDesigners

Kork is a nice collection of furniture made of cork created by Belgium-based studio TwoDesigners. The idea is to create a connection between the elements that allow different combinations with each having its own (…)

Process Boxes by Lucie Koldova

It is amazing to see how simple changes can bring unexpected results. Czech designer Lucie Koldova‘s “Process Boxes” do just that through a simple change in angle. It is a very nice modular system (…)

Thread Stools and Table by Coordination Berlin

Designed by Berlin-based design and architecture studio Coordination, “Thread Family” is a collection of furnishings which feature a lathed seat and thread made of walnut with a coloured steel base. It includes a stool, (…)

Izhar Cardboard Bike Project

Israeli designer Izhar Gafni had a simple idea: build a bike entirely made of cardboard. But after consulting several engineers, he was told that it was not possible. Since he could not take no (…)

Braun’s New Digital Alarm Clock

German manufacturer Braun introduces a new sleek digital alarm clock designed by Markus Orthey which makes use of modern technologies without losing the design discipline of the brand’s golden era. With its round corners and (…)

Instaglasses by Markus Gerke

The Instaglasses are an original concept by German designer Markus Gerke which would bring the filters of the famous app into the real world. “A week ago it appeared to me that with current technology (…)

Interactive Seesaw by Eness

A fun interactive installation named “A Tilt of Light” by Australian art and design practice Eness which can be seen on Federation Square in Melbourne until the end of July. This digital seesaw is equipped (…)