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Cirrus Cloud Sofa by Dizajno

Designed by Lubo Majer for Dizajno, a Slovak brand specializing in design sofas, “Cirrus” is a nice piece of furniture inspired by the shape of soft clouds. “Virtually spontaneous composition of elements creates a (…)

Test Tube Chandeliers by GangDesign

Inspired by famous scientist Marie Skłodowska-Curie who won a Nobel Prize for her research on radioactivity, Polish designer Pani Jurek of GangDesign created this nice line of chandeliers made of test tubes and plywood bands. “The (…)

Circuit Wall Clock by Stevan Djurovic

“Circuit” is a beautiful wall clock concept designed Serbian designer Stevan Djurovic. While its circular form follows the shape of traditional clocks, it fundamentally differs with its pointers that are made of LED lights. (…)

Piamo Microwave Espresso Maker

Piamo is an ingenious espresso maker designed for your microwave which creates a fresh cup of espresso within 30 seconds. “Just fill water into the water chamber and insert a pad or ground espresso into (…)

Sauna Box in Shipping Container by Castor Design

Canadian studio Castor Design created this cool traditional wood-burning sauna out of a shipping container. “The Sauna Box is completely self-contained with solar power and a wood fired stove. The box comes standard with iPod (…)

Snug by Kumeko

Prague-based furniture design company Kumeko created this fun cozy shell named the “Snug” with the intention of creating a flexible and comfortable item to relax in. “It consists of a soft inner cushion surrounded by (…)

New Google Office in Tel Aviv

Google recently moved into its new offices inside the Electra Tower in Tel Aviv, Israel, stepping things up quite close to what we could call the perfect office. Occupying a massive eight floors with each having (…)

Hue Smart Toaster by Basheer Tome

Designed by 21-year-old student Basheer Tome, Hue is a smart toaster concept featuring an array of color-sensors instead of a timer to intuitively and smartly toast your bread so that it never gets burned, (…)

Pixel Table by Intussen Studio

Dutch studio Intussen Studio brings us the Pixel Table, is an ingenious Jenga-like side table made of bamboo. “This table is also a versatile cupboard; you can place something in it, and on the other side (…)

Rainbow Igloo Made With Milk Cartons

When New Zealander Daniel Gray visited his girlfriend’s family in Canada, he was asked by his future mother-in-law to build a rainbow igloo in the backyard to prove himself worthy of having her daughter’s hand. Using milk (…)