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Hammock Carbon Bathtub by Splinter Works

Splinter Works, a British studio which specializes in creating sculptural furniture, developed this superb hammock-shaped bathtub made of carbon fiber named Vessel. “Designed for use in a wet room, Vessel is suspended from the walls (…)

Riot Raki by Manuel and Max

Artistic duo Manuel Urbanke and Maximilian Hoch, aka Manuel and Max, show us they idea for the current protests and alcohol debate in Turkey. The idea is to turn the popular Raki, a Turkish anise-flavoured hard (…)

Alessi Sushi Lighter

“Sushi” is a stunning lighter designed by Rodrigo Torres for Alessi. “Sleek, simple and fluid shapes, characterize an object full of collective-memory, comfort and beauty. Its body, colors and material combinations emphasize its domestic (…)

Nike Air Max Packaging by Scholz and Friends

Nike recently consulted Berlin-based creative agency Scholz & Friends to come up with an innovative idea for the famous Nike Air Max. It resulted in an ingenious and super fun cushion packaging that perfectly highlights (…)

FELDT Paddle

American industrial design student Levi Jacob Price came up with the great idea of rethinking the tennis table paddle. With a new ball-like handle allowing multiple holding styles, it features a cork side for better (…)

Leica X3 Monocle Camera by Vincent Sall

Lights on this incredible camera concept inspired by the monocle and vintage Leica cameras created by Swedish designer Vincent Sall. “This project is about filling the gap between big cameras with great image quality (…)

Chandelier Made of Recycled Bike Parts

Installed under a Texas overpass, this stunning chandelier named “Ballroom Luminoso” is part of a series of 6 pieces designed by Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock. It is made of recycled bicycle parts, structural steel (…)

Lego Chandelier by Tobias Tostesen

A stunning chandelier made of nearly 7,000 transparent Lego bricks by Danish industrial designer Tobias Tostesen which was presented during the 2013 Milan Design Week. “The approach was to change the notions of what LEGO (…)

Bamboo Stationery by Yu Jian

“Empty Bamboo” is a sweet stationery set of 10 objects designed by Yu Jian. Each item features a hollowed bamboo stem combined with shiny metal parts. It would bring such a zen atmosphere and make (…)

Sawyer DIY Wooden Lowrider Bicycle by Jurgen Kuipers

Conceived by Dutch designer Jurgen Kuipers, the “Sawyer” won the bicycle segment of the International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC)  in Tapei, China. It is a low-rider beach cruiser made of wooden panels that comes in (…)