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Deca Lounge Chair by Larry Parker

Larry Parker is a designer who has recently graduated from the College of Creative Studies (CSS) in Detroit. The Deca lounge chair is one of his student projects that he designed and produced over his (…)

Lamps by Alessandro Marrelli

At first glance, Italian designer Alessandro Marrelli‘s lamps seem to be rather simple of fabrication. But when you take a closer look, you will notice that each base holds something special: a chemistry flask (…)

Drawing Machine by Eske Rex

Eske Rex is a Swedish designer born in 1977, and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Drawing Machine is one of his latest projects which consists of two pendulums that create a large spirograph, and (…)

Hemp Chair by Werner Aisslinger

The Hemp chair is a creation of German designer Werner Aisslinger (see also Yill mobile energy storage). It is the first monobloc chair made of natural fibers, a project supported by the German chemical (…)

Megaphone by En&is

The Megaphone is a passive ceramic amplifier designed by Italian studio En&is, and presented during the Salone Satellite. Its form was designed to amplify and optimize the iPhone’s sound output to its best. (…)

Flat Table Peeled by Jo Nagasaka

Created by Tokyo-based designer Jo Nagasaka from Schemata Architecture Office, the “Flat Table Peeled” is a contemporary version of the traditional Japanese “Hassoku dai”, a table with 8 legs. It consists of a cedar (…)

Tapi Tap Squeeze Fountain by Dreamfarm

Tapi is an excellent product by Australian company Dreamfarm, which will turn any faucet into a drinking fountain. By simply pressing its bottom, it will change water flow and come straight up to your mouth. Its (…)

Street Soccer Foosball

A fun project by creative studio I Have Pop based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Made for a Nike Exhibition celebrating the Air Max 90, it incorporates the true spirit of street soccer with its unwritten (…)

Ciclotte Exercise Bike

Ciclotte is an innovative exercise bike that redefines the dynamics of fitness. Its unique minimalist design compares to unicycles from the 1800s, but its technological approach and ergonomics are everything but simple. It features an (…)

Pylon Bench by Nola

The Pylon bench was designed by Marcus Abrahamsson and Kristoffer Fagerström for Swedish outdoor furniture  brand Nola. What else to say beside sleek and colourful? It is made of folded metal sheets, painted colour (…)