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BoConcept Ottawa by Karim Rashid

Designed by Karim Rashid for BoConcept, the “Ottawa” collection includes a complete dining room set with table, chairs, sideboard and cabinet as well as a line of accessories including tableware and light fixtures. Named (…)

Disco Chair by Kiwi and Pom

Commissioned by Wallpaper* Magazine, London-based design studio Kiwi & Pom has created this cool chair made with 200 meters (220 yards) of electroluminescent wire. When turned on, this lounge chair turns into a shiny rainbow of (…)

Recycled Wood Panelings by Wonderwall Studios

Wonderwall Studios is a Dutch creative company dedicated to building a unique collection of paneling solutions from natural and recycled materials. Their collection includes five lines of products named Wheels, Parker, Brooklyn as well as (…)

Porcelain Espresso Machine by Arvid Hausser

SEPPL is a stunning espresso machine made of wood and porcelain designed by German designer Arvid Hausser. “The qualities of porcelain like high thermal storage, neutrality in taste and an antiseptic surface are making (…)

Nike Flyknit Technology

Nike just introduced the Flyknit technology, a shoe fabrication process with a structure and support knitted in that considerably reduces weight while being formfitting and offering superior breathability. The structure loosens and contracts with the foot (…)

Free Key Press-to-Open Key Ring

Designed by Swedish designer Eric von Schoultz, Free Key is a “Press-To-Open Key Ring” which will pop open with a simple pinch. It features three layers with the middle one being slightly bent to act like (…)

Hipflask by Tom Cecil

A beautiful collection of flasks by London-based designer Tom Cecil. The Hipflask has a simple and angular design that will catch anyone’s eye, suit your tastes through different finishes from stainless steel to gold, (…)

Shrimp Chair by COR

The Shrimp chair was designed by Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub for German design brand COR. Its sharp silhouette and elegant outline is the result of flat cushions combined with a refined bentwood shell. With different choices (…)

Umbra Lemon and Lime Sombrero Juicers

After the Stem Juice Sprayer, we bring you the Sombrero Juicer, a simple lemon or lime moulded juicer for bottles. It was designed by Creative Lead Mauricio Alfonso at Umbra, an innovative and modern design brand, (…)

Structend Light by Claudio Cigarro

Designed by Portuguese industrial designer Cláudio Cigarro, Structend is a lamp inspired by the structure of tents and more specifically their behaviour night. Its inner structure is revealed by its shadow when illuminated through a (…)